Flight Delay

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Flight Delay

Antiques in Flight, #2

Lawson moved back to Pilot Point to start anew with his boys after being hurt by his own best friend. But circumstance also had Katie back to Pilot Point. While Lawson was welcomed back with open arms, it wasn’t the same in Katie’s case. As they both work side by side together, things Lawson didn’t know about Katie come to the surface. But can it make the betrayal and pain he felt before disappear and forgive Katie?

I just knew right away as I started reading, I would love this book. I really like a book that is about forgiveness and second chances. What Katie did was terrible, but then again she was hurt. I couldn't imagine the pain she went through finding out she couldn't have children or when she found out her husband cheated on her with her best friend's wife. What she did was a mistake, but I couldn't forgive a cheater either. Well, not right away anyway.

While I was reading, I felt this very tight feeling in my chest because it hurts to read what Katie was going through. I felt like Katie was hurt the most out of all of them. The kids were hurt, Lawson was hurt but I think Katie had it the worst. She lost her best friend, her husband, and the kids who she loved as her own. It was unfortunate that she couldn't talk about her struggles with anyone. Her aunt didn’t even know about her not being able to have children let alone her addiction to alcohol. She was completely alone. Lawson and the boys had each other and friends to help them cope, but everyone turned their back on Katie which was really unfair.

Reading this made my heart ached. How terrible to go through such things alone. I couldn't stop my tears from blurring my eyes when I read the part where Katie telling Lawson about her inability to have children. It touched my heart that Katie had the strength and courage to admit everything to Lawson.

This was such an emotional read for me. I cry easily so yeah it's not new that I cried reading this book. It's a good thing I read this in the privacy of my room so no one could see me. It would have been really embarrassing and awkward otherwise. It was a wonderful story. From beginning to end, it's hard not to feel sorry for Katie. I think Katie's story will stay with me for a while. If you like a second chance romance story, you should definitely check this out. It will be worth every minute.

Book Blurb for Flight Delay

Some second chances are hard to swallow.

Lawson Baker hoped moving back home would give his kids some semblance of normal after a spectacular divorce from his very-famous wife. The kids are settled in and, finally, his life is his own.

Then Katie Potter walks through the door of Antiques in Flight. She was his closest friend until her husband cheated on her with Lawson’s wife. And Katie’s revenge—going to the tabloids—gave Lawson’s kids front row seats to a host of dirty little secrets.

When Katie is offered a temporary job as AIF’s secretary, she jumps at it. She returned to Pilot’s Point hoping to come clean about the things that accelerated her slide into self-destruction. She’s not about to pass up this chance to make things right.

As they work side by side, day by day, the attraction Lawson never let himself feel for a then-married woman is pushed to the surface by the growing heat between them. But their pasts filled with pain and betrayal—and a recalcitrant teenager—could make charting a course to love impossible.

Warning: A woman bent on forgiveness, a man bent on normalcy, and a love that will give them everything they need.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00