Ahead in the Heat

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Ahead in the Heat

A Pacific Blue Novel

Sean Westin injures himself during a surfing competition. Since the Surfing World Championship Tour is under way, he desperately needs to get back on his feet. But since his shoulder was injured, he’ll need the best therapist to help him recover. Anne Baxter is the best physical therapist. She loves helping people, but what she hates the most is working with big stars with huge egos. When she meets Sean, she doesn’t like him much since he’s a big star. As she helps him daily she’s finding him hard to resist.

Since I am very interested in surfing this book was very fun to read. Surfing really fascinates me even though I have never touch a surfing board. I got into the story pretty quick. Annie is very kind and caring towards others. She does everything she can to help under privileged kids. I liked her personality. She is very fierce and I loved the fact that she loves her job.

Annie isn’t a doormat like some other main characters that I’ve read about. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t let Sean walks all over her. She’s very strong and I liked that she is very independent. I admired her. At first I didn’t get a very good vibe for Sean. I thought he would turn out to be a total jerk, but he ends up okay.

Annie and Sean’s story is very sweet. Overall the book is wonderfully written and it is a lovely story. It really makes my heart warm. The characters were believable and the story flowed really well. I will definitely check out the next story.

Book Blurb for Ahead in the Heat

Sean Westin finds himself on the beaches of San Sebastian as he recovers from a bad break. But he’ll need more than sand and swells to heal his heart....

The surfing World Championship Tour is under way, and Sean Westin is desperate to make his mark?until a stupid display of machismo in Bali leaves his shoulder busted. He has six weeks to get back on the waves or he may be looking at the end of his career.

Annie Baxter is the best physical therapist in the business, and she knows it. After almost joining the pro circuit herself, she’s wary of working with big stars and their huge egos. But Sean is making her an incredible offer?full funding for her after-school skate center for underprivileged kids?and she’s finding him hard to resist....

As intense therapy sessions turn into passionate intimacy, Sean unleashes a wild side of Annie that she’s suppressed for years. Only, Sean’s keeping secrets, and when his hidden history comes to the surface, everything?even Annie?might get torn away.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50