Wyatt's Chance

He calls to her one night in a voice desperate for help. That is all Chance needs to go to him even though he doesn't want to see her. Years apart never made her forget about him. As a young child, a teenager he has always been her dream man. He is the one guy who can make her feel thing that no one gave her and that is love. She knows that she has always been different but never knew why until she met him. Growing up with him was something she would never forget. Yet because of her father he separated them and made her forget the one thing that Wyatt hates her for. There are things that she does not remember, places and people that she needs to remember. Like Wyatt, Chance needs him most of all for her memories to come to life. Can they get their second chance at love?

Wyatt Nashoba is a man possessed with demons and haunted memories. He has seen a beast kill merciless, and he knows who this beast is. He has known for years how he kills and knows no one can stop it. The thing is that he is the beast and not sure who will be killed next. He has no memory of what happens just knows that each time he wakes up someone is bloodily murdered. The last time this happened was with his army friends. Now that Chance is near him all the time he is afraid of what he will do to her. Wyatt knows that he will never harm her but the beast in him wants to control his whole life and those around him. He is evil and Wyatt is good but who will win in the end..The beast or Wyatt?

Chance and Wyatt are two characters that come from different sides of the tracks. You have a rich girl and an Indian who has to work hard to make his life worthy. He never expected though that someone as beautiful as Chance will love him. Though Wyatt and the beast are the same person the personalities in them are very different. I applaud Ciana for this whole story. I mean there were times when sometimes the beast was just so horrific and then Wyatt was like reading two different people. This is so unlike what I have read so far but I still loved it for the ending. Awesome job once again.

Book Blurb for Wyatt's Chance

Wyatt Nashoba is a warrior, a man without fear. At least that's the picture he presents to the members of his Navy SEAL team. He's a stone-cold killer with a reputation as a woman magnet, and needing no one. But appearances can be deceiving. Wyatt is a man torn by love and betrayal. His only need, his one weakness is Chance—a woman from his past he can never have, can never trust. She ripped his heart out with her betrayal and he has vowed never to look upon her again.

Chance never expected to hear from Wyatt. Especially not in the middle of the night, sounding afraid and unsure. The call serves to bring feelings she'd never escaped back to the surface. She's been his as long as she can remember and no matter how much he shuns her, she has to find him. Help him.

Wyatt will be forced to see her and face the old feelings that have haunted him for years, because something inside him, an entity of violence and lust, is fighting for control of his mind. And his only chance of survival depends on the love of Wyatt's Chance.

Note: Story contains some scenes of graphic violence and rape.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00