Witch Ball

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Witch Ball

What do you do when you break out of a magic ball and find out that the love of your life doesn't remember you at all? Why you talk to him about his past, your love for one another until he can't take it no more.

Miranda Hawthorne is ecstatic that she is out of the magic ball an evil witch cursed her into. For three hundred years she was trapped in there, never knowing what was happening outside the witch ball. Thinking she has only been inside the ball for a short while she never expected to enter the year of 2007 seeing her beloved Nathaniel again. As a High Priestess she always felt that Elizabeth, the evil witch, was too egotistical thinking she was better than her and the Lady of the Night. Miranda is no weakling for even though the present Nathaniel Swann doesn't remember their love together she doesn't give up that easily. He calls her a fraud and a scam artist because of her magic talk, but she's not willing to give up. She puts down her foot and gives it all she's got.

Nathaniel Swann doesn't believe in all this magic stuff that this woman from the witch ball has spoken about. Ever since the death of his wife his main goal is to bring back the little daughter he lost. You see before the death, his little Caitlyn was a normal fun-loving, excited little girl. Now she is sullen, withdrawn and most of all doesn't smile or laugh at all. That was why he is surprised that with Miranda he could almost see his daughter back to her old self. The problem is that Miranda keeps talking about spells, time running out and he is wondering why he keeps having dreams of past memories with her that he knows can't be true. All he knows is that for the first time since his wife's death, Caitlyn is talking and somehow Miranda has bewitched him. As a scientist he believes in proof and logic; he knows witchcraft and magic can't be real. Or are they?

Beth Ravensby has waited for years to make Nathaniel Swann hers. With her trusty sidekick familiar, Rawny, she knows she can succeed this time. The bad part is she never expected for Miranda to break free from the witch ball. All that matters now is to get Nathaniel will be hers for keeps now. She has waited and this year is going to be the year she gets her man. Power, magic and spells are all she needs but can she really get to his heart like Miranda has done.

Okay this is another hit for me and again surprised that this is a first time author. You have it all in this wonderful tale. You get magic, villains, romance, second chances and the proof that yes sometimes love comes around twice. Even though this is Kathleen Coddington's first book I know it won't be the last. I fell in love with Miranda. Here is a young woman, who years ago was a High Priestess, entering into the year of 2007 bewildered and in awe at our century. I loved reading about her reaction to little things like how to cook, laundry and yes for the first time in taking a bath without pumping out of a well. The author not only brought these beautiful characters to life but I was rooting for Nathaniel and Miranda from the start. This is a beautiful tale any reader should pick up as it has what every reader loves in a book. It has romance, villains and included finding a soul mate.

Book Blurb for Witch Ball

Their love was eternal. Until forbidden magic threatened to tear them apart forever.

When Nathaniel Swann and his daughter move to the small town of Lady's Cove, Maine, the last thing he expects is the beautiful woman who appears in his kitchen after he accidentally breaks a witch ball, a housewarming gift from his neighbor. A hardheaded scientist, he refuses to believe the woman's fantastic tale of magical spells, eternal love and reincarnation.

Released after being imprisoned for three hundred years in the witch ball, Miranda Hawthorne is reunited with the man she is destined to be with throughout time. Her joy is short-lived when she discovers that Nathaniel no longer remembers her or their love. How can she convince him to help her to break the witch ball's lingering spell before the bond between them is severed for all eternity?

And in the house next door the priestess responsible for the witch ball's spell plots to prevent them from discovering the secret that will set Miranda completely free.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00