Who Wants to be the Millionaire's Mistress

Lacey Masters hates reality tv-shows. Especially the ones that make women do stupid things for money. Yet here she is on one -  Who Wants to be the Millionaire’s Mistress. The only reason she has succumbed to this is because of her old boss and ex-lover. A disgrace to herself she has no money and no choice but to play along in the TV show. She never expected to appear week after week with Maxwell Barton choosing her. She knows a millionaire is always a millionaire. They don’t care who they hurt or the women they use. Lacey knows from experience that she could never find love in a man like Max. He’s rich beyond belief, totally opposite from her yet each time they’re together he brings out the feistiness in her. Can she change a millionaire from his debauchery ways?
Maxwell Barton is a shrewd, ruthless businessman. He always gets what he wants and has done some stupid things to be a wealthy man. The biggest is of course the game show. Not only is he putting his business in jeopardy but also his love life. He knows women him are easy for him, but Lacey Masters is one exception. Week after week he has sees many sides of her except he wants more than just a TV show charade. Max knows about her past and her problems with millionaires. For once in his life a woman has gotten under his skin. Can a feisty green-eyed woman tame this millionaire from his wicked ways?
Peggy Hunter has done it again and has produced another scorching hot story. Max is definitely a millionaire thinking he can get away with anything. Sad to say though he has met his match with Lacey. I loved that Peggy threw obstacles between these two and for once Max had to work to get his woman. This one is a Short and sweet story,  yet hot with passion with great chemistry between Max and Lacey. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Who Wants to be the Millionaire's Mistress

Maxwell Barton realized he’d bitten off a lot more than he could chew when he signed on with the reality game show, Who Wants To Be the Millionaire’s Mistress? But one look at Lacey Masters and he knew what he wanted.

Lacey had an agenda of her own, one that didn’t include Max. She’d signed on to be a contestant on the popular game show for the money. The very last thing she wanted was to be Maxwell’s mistress. So when he chose her, she intended to make his life hell. Unfortunately, she hadn’t expected to come alive in his arms…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00