When Love Comes

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When Love Comes

Broc Kincaid is an ex-soldier and a man just trying to not end up in jail. The thing is that it is not his fault. Since the war he has been trying to lead a normal life. Yet his face is the thing that gets him in trouble. He has a disfigured face and he knows he is not a good-looking man like he used to be. So it comes as a shock that a woman like Amanda Liscomb is attracted to him. She is beautiful with a voice of an angel and she likes him. He’s seen many women and bedded a couple of them but none have gone under his skin like she has done. Something about Amanda makes him think that maybe he has a chance at love. There are people who want him dead like her brother and old man Carruthers. His main goal is to get a debt paid but something about the whole thing seems to be fake. Is he on a fool’s errand? Or is he on a path to finding that great love he deserves?

Amanda Liscomb has never found love. Everyone loves her and says she’s beautiful. Yet all those men have never affected her like Broc Kincaid. He is not like the other men she has known for he has something in him the others don’t have. He may be scarred but he is heroic and courageous. Broc has come for a debt she knows her father doesn’t owe. Since her father passed away she has been daughter, mother, rancher and a saloon singer so having Broc enter her life now is very distracting for her. He kisses her like she is the only woman for him and no other person is in the room. Can she trust him with her heart and her family? Has her time come for love?

Leigh Greenwood has done it again with a tale of one man who has given up hope. Not just any hope but hope of love. He is a man who because of fate now leads a life of fear from people and turmoil. People make fun of him and lead him into trouble. Meeting Amanda is like an angel being sent down just for him. She is so unreal he could hardly believe a woman like her can hopefully love him.

Leigh definitely has a hit with “When Love Comes” and can’t wait for more. I loved the whole story line and felt for Brock. Amanda definitely completes him in every way and Leigh Greenwood conveyed that superbly.

Book Blurb for When Love Comes


Amanda Liscomb was tired of being pursued for her looks. Could none of the men in Cactus Bend see beyond the loveliness of her face and figure to the real person inside?  But then a stranger came to town, a man who seemed to strip away all her defenses, to lay bare her lonely heart.

And the Beast

War had left Broc Kinkaid with a ruined face; a judge’s sentence had left him with an impossible mission.  He rode in to the Lazy T knowing he would be reviled for his disfigurement, hated for the debt he’d come to collect.  Yet in Amanda he found a woman whose soul seemed the other half of his, a lover who would heal his hurts and soften his hard edges.  With one taste of her sweet lips he understood that all things are possible…WHEN LOVE COMES.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00