What Lies Between Them

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What Lies Between Them

Book Length: Novel

Autumn is a woman who has had many regrets and one is letting go of Matt to easily. She was young at the time but hearing the one man you gave your whole heart not sharing the same dreams as you is a big letdown. Now years later she is back in her hometown mourning the loss of her husband but also trying to make a life of her own. Her mother has never liked Matt and knowing that she is working for him is not making things easy. Another thing she has to learn to do is come to grips with is being alone and pregnant from her ex-husband. Being near Matt and with pregnancy hormones is making her life all upside down. One minute she wants Matt yet cannot understand how the sexual attraction she thought was lost years ago is still there and stronger than ever. Can she and Matt be more than just employer and employee? Will she ever find out the real reason why Matt broke up with her years ago?

Matt grew up in the wrong side of tracks and knows that a woman like Autumn will never fall for him. Well at least not twice in a lifetime. Yet as soon as he sees her again Matt is determined to find out more about his lost love as a woman. Finding out she is pregnant is something he is not prepared for but he cannot see going on in life without her again. Can he learn to confide in Autumn and about why he left her years ago.

Can a person get a second chance in love? That is something that Matt must find out in this wonderful book. I loved that you have Autumn who never listens to anyone yet is having a hard time in trying to not fall in love with Matt again. Though she keeps saying there is no feeling between them it comes easily when reading about them that they still love each other. Jodi Lynn Copeland did a beautiful job in bringing these characters to life. There was nothing wrong in the book and it was so easy to read. What Lies Between Them grabs your attentions right off the first chapter. Loved it and can't wait for more of this imaginative author.

Book Blurb for What Lies Between Them

"You didn't lose me, Matt. You let me go. You walked out when I was ready to spend my life with you."

They were the last words Matt expected to hear out of Autumn's mouth, and the only ones that could stop him in his tracks. They were also lies. No one who cared so deeply could fall into another man's arms days after leaving him behind.

Matt has transcended both Autumn's deception and his humble beginnings. Now a successful, well-respected rancher, he isn't about to fall victim to his dreams of the past and back into her arms. Not even if the fire between them still burns…making his dreams seem more like hopes for the future.

Rekindling an old flame was the last thing on Autumn's mind upon returning to Wyoming after her husband's death. She should hate Matt, who not only broke her teenaged heart but failed to show up at his one-time best friend's funeral. Only it isn't hatred Autumn feels…but desire that threatens to burn beyond control.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00