Heart of a Warrior

Okay first of all I normally review contemporary and erotica not paranormal yet Lynn Lorenz (Theodora Lane) is an exception. This author rocked with Nic and Fiona.

Nic is a serious warrior that takes his job very seriously. He wants to kill all blood-sucking vampires and extinguish them from the face of the earth. This next job was supposed to be a piece of cake like all the others. What he didn’t expect was to meet a sexy, bare breasted virgin like Fiona killing vampires with a sword like an expert. Fiona just surprises him at every turn not even getting scared that vampires almost deflowered her. For the first time in his life he feels he has found the one. It’s hard to believe that a warrior like him with a cold heart has finally found love. His only friend, a lizard to boot Cho thinks they’re perfect for each other but he is afraid for Fiona. Two of the vamps survived the carnage and now want help from them. It’s hard to believe but since meeting Fiona he is doing things he never thought he would do in. Can he turn his back on everything he has worked for to help a woman that he’s barely knows…It’s been less than a week?

Fiona is a virgin and because of her virginity vampires want her. Not just any vampires but two of them need her help. She barely survived the carnage but her wits helped her escape death. Fiona never expected that meeting a guy online would lead her to vampires. They don’t exist at least she keeps telling herself and lizards don’t talk. Or do they? Every time she tries to escape Nic is there confusing her. One minute they’re all hot and heavy yet Fiona wants more than just a fling. She knows Nic and he is not the kind to commit. Can she continue staying with him when all she wants is love and that’s something he can’t give her.

Ivan is a 450-year-old vampire who just saw his owner perish by the hands of a woman. Not just any woman but one that seems to use a sword like she wears a purse with ease. Among the death he meets a newly turned vampire Annie. This is a woman who not only confuses him but he seems attached to in every way. Annie is like a breath of fresh air and knowing that somebody wants them dead is not helping. He knows Nic is a great vampire warrior and won’t stop until he sees him and Annie dead. Not just Nic wants him dead but someone from the Board of Elders wants them dead as well. Can he actually work with a vampire killer to protect him and Annie?

Oh my god I said it above but Lynn Lorenz (Theodora Lane) rocked in this book. I’m not usually a big fan on paranormal erotica but something about this story intrigued me all the way from the blurb till the end of the book. These two vampires are not your usual vampires and that’s what made this story a pleasure to read. I loved Fiona, for this is not your usual virgin. She is a kick ass heroine that rocked this story. Not to mention Nic, he is one hot tamale and was smoking hot. Great book and definitely worth buying from Loose-Id. This is a winner all the way from erotic to the paranormal. Oh and don’t forget a funny talking lizard that wants to get laid in every way. Great book.

Book Blurb for Heart of a Warrior

Nicodemus likes to kill vampires. A lot. But his nocturnal job as a bloodsucker exterminator makes dating rather … dangerous. Fiona has never needed a man to rescue her and just because vampires find the prospect of her virginity delicious doesn’t mean she is going to start now. When saving each other becomes a habit, Nic and Fiona start on a path that might make her less tasty and his lone hunter routine a thing of the past.

Once they pair up battling evil vampires, Nicodemus and Fiona know the only choice is to kill or be killed, and they have no intentions of becoming dinner tonight. Are they just partners or do they each hold their warrior’s heart?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00