Wanton Surrender

Book 2 in the Wanton series

Remember Cal and Elizabeth from Wanton Temptation? Cal, Wade's brother who for some reason leaves the girl of his dreams scared. We met Cal when Skylar sees him naked and yes we read of a delicious snippet of him in their story but now we learn more about Cal. Though he left Elizabeth alone and broken hearted he is back and just in time. You see Elizabeth is about to marry someone who she thinks she loves. Kind of hard when the only real love she has ever felt was for Cal years ago. Now that he is back Cal is trying to make up for all of the mistakes of the past. He knows now that he ran away scared and wants more than ever to make it up to Elizabeth. Years ago she was young and seeing that she hates him now it's tearing him up inside. Can he make it right?

Elizabeth knew right away Cal was back. She sees him atop a hill at the schoolhouse. She never forgot how he looked or his built. Seeing him back was supposed to be a good thing but she has moved on. About to marry someone else she thought she was making a good decision, at some point she just had to move on. However, one kiss is all it takes to make her wonder if she should marry the other guy. Her heart always belonged to Cal and still does but she is afraid. He broke her heart years ago and though she never understood what made him leave she is ready to give him a second chance. The thing is someone is obsessed with her and will do everything he can to keep Elizabeth and Cal apart. Can Elizabeth learn to forgive and finally be with the man she was always supposed to belong with?

Oh my god I was thrilled there was a sequel and so loved this one. I was disappointed in the first story about Cal leaving but once you read this book you will understand why he did it. It was very clever of Ruth Kerce to do this. Not only is she a very talented and imaginative author, but also she teases us with such strong, sexy guy like Cal. I felt sorry for Elizabeth and yet happy that she finally has a chance to let out all the pain she felt when he left. These two are not only perfect but we see more of how they have grown up and though the pain is still there they are so grown up in how they confront each other. The passion is still there between them and not only are they hot but definitely not all about sex. It is a great story that answers a lot of questions you will have from the first story. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Wanton Surrender

Book 2 in the Wanton series.

Four years ago Cal broke Elizabeth's heart when he disappeared into the night without a word of explanation to anyone. Now he's back. And he wants Elizabeth, the woman he left behind but never got out of his heart and mind.

Elizabeth is engaged to be married but has never really stopped loving Cal or stopped fantasizing about them being together. When he unexpectedly returns and reignites their passion, her whole life is turned upside down.

Cal must work to earn back her trust. But Elizabeth's new fiancé has other, more sinister, plans for them. He's willing to do anything to keep her and the fortune she's in line to inherit, including kidnapping and murder.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00