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Undead or Alive

Phineas McKinney has just issued a threat. Not to the president though but to the woman who calls herself The Queen. Now because of this threat they want him dead. Kind of hard considering he’s a vampire but yep they want him dead once and for all. The game has been set and now with the threat it is up to Phineas to bring the Queen in. Everybody hates her and she is set out to ruin all vampires. The one person who can help Phineas hates his guts but he can’t forget her no matter how hard he tries. Brynley Jones is not your usual damsel in distress but a werewolf princess and off hands to him. A vampire and wolf don’t mix no matter how much they are attracted to each other. Can Phineas find the Queen before she wreaks more destruction?

Brynley Jones is a werewolf in love with a vampire. She knows it is wrong for her and her own species, but she can’t help it. Something about Phineas sets her pheromones haywire and she fights so hard to not succumb to it. The problem is that he knows she is struggling and makes it harder for her. She is his only hope in finding the Queen and hates that his life could be endangered. Brynley has more problems than hunting a she bitch. She has to deal with her father finding her. Years ago she escaped for her freedom and now knowing that she and Phineas are in the same land as him could be one less day of her freedom. Can she find the Queen before her father captures her again and forces her into a life of obedience?

This is my first Kerrelyn Sparks and I have to say she captured my attention. I love reading about vampires but, this story about a werewolf with a vampire was very interesting. Right away you can tell the attraction is there but both are afraid because of their status in the food chain, so to speak. Brynley is already feeling confused about the attraction and her instinct for survival. Now Phineas is a McDreamy. One minute he’s suave, romantic, sexy and then the next willing to sacrifice his life for the woman he loves. Wanted: Dead or Alive is definitely a book readers should get and Ms. Sparks is definitely an author to keep up with. Kerrelyn Sparks definitely grabbed my attention and I can’t wait for more.

Book Blurb for Wanted

Nobody does supernatural love stories featuring virile vampires and sexy shapeshifters better than Kerrelyn Sparks! Paranormal romance fans—like Lynsay Sands, superstar author of the Argeneau vampire family novels, who calls Sparks, “an absolute delight!”—simply cannot wait to sink their teeth into a new Love at Stake novel. With Wanted: Undead or Alive, New York Times bestseller Sparks takes the passionate action way out west, as a vamp and a werewolf go undercover at a Wyoming dude ranch...with sizzling results!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00