Vision of Darkness

Phoenix Agency - Book 2

The Phoenix Agency is back and it is a tale of two people who thought they would never find each other. After reading the first book I new this would be another one I would love by Judith Rochelle.

Dan Romeo is a fortyish man who is somewhat getting tired of the hard life he has been leading lately. He loves his work but something is making him antsy. Another mission in the jungle gives him time for a well-deserved vacation or at least he thought he was going to have a vacation. His friend, Chase is on the brink of an invention that will not only help every espionage, military and government agency but he asks for Dan's help. What he didn't expect was to meet a woman like Dr. Mia Fleming. Though she is an art historian there is something unique about Mia. It is because of her that every man in the agency is protecting Chase's new invention. Everybody things she is crazy but one look in her eyes and Dan feels at last he has finally found a place to come to and that is in her arms. He always led his life with the motto to never mix business with pleasure but something about Mia makes him forget about all his life's rules. The only important rule right now is to keep her alive and find the person who wants her dead.

Dr. Mia Fleming is a young woman who for years has not led a good life. Ever since she was young people, including her parents thought her crazy. She gets visions whether in dreams, nightmares or even at work that makes her scared of what might happen. These visions sometimes mean danger or in this case something that is about to happen. She knows that because of a past mistake the police won't believe her but something about Dan Romeo makes her want to try again. Mia knows that Dan is not your usual commitment type of guy but for once she wants to feel loved and cherished. Not only does she now have Dan to count on but also she finds out about other people like her for example Faith Hollaran and her husband Mark. Can she learn to make sense of her visions before it's too late? Can she and Dan get the love she never had in her life before?

Two words for Judith Rochelle: Thank You!!! I so loved this book and the whole Phoenix Agency is making me wonder who will be next in this awesome series. Judith brings us back into The Lotus Circle an organization that not many people know about but is slowly growing. We have Mia Fleming who has a unique talent to her yet because of past criticism people think she is crazy. Then you have a tough man who finally meets a woman who can complete him only to find someone wanting to kill her off. There is so much suspense, action, betrayal and oh yes romance that make this a hit form Judith Rochelle. She is becoming a favorite author for me. Not only is it great but also you get to meet past characters from her bestseller Always on My Mind. Vision of Darkness can be read alone but to get the real sense of coming back to a family read the first one. I loved it and can't wait for more. I highly recommend Vision of Darkness and Always on My Mind.

Book Blurb for Vision of Darkness

Dan Romeo, CEO of the mysterious Phoenix Agency, has just completed a dangerous mission and wants some down time. But when his friend Chase Carpenter calls with an emergency, how can he refuse him? Someone is threatening to steal Chase's brand new high tech robot about to be unveiled and all he's got is an anonymous tip.

Art historian Mia Fleming has battled with her precognitive abilities all her life, often shunned by a skeptical public and even more skeptical police. But the visions relating to the robot are so vivid she can't ignore them. When Dan tracks her down as the source of the anonymous note, he wonders if she's the culprit or a conduit for a message?

Things get complicated when the electricity between Dan and Mia ratchets up into high voltage and they find it's not something they can ignore.

Then bodies begin falling, Mia's visions escalate in horror and intensity and the tension at Carpenter Techtronics is off the charts. When Mia is shot and almost killed, Dan and his team race to locate the real robot and find the killers before they can strike again.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00