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Hope Tarr brings us back to Roxbury House where we are introduced once again to Patrick O' Rourke. As a child he had it tough and almost didn't make it if it weren't for the Prime Minister who gave him a second chance. As he grew he missed the one thing he has never had before: love. All his friends, the ones he grew up with at the Roxbury House had found it. Seeing Lady Katherine Lindsey was like the breath kicked out of him. Here was a woman who was not only feisty, courageous but one that completed him in every way. The sexual attraction between them is combustible each time they are near but it is hard for his Katie to understand that his love is for real. All Katherine has learned in life is to never trust men especially gorgeous Scottish men like Patrick. One trick is all it takes to convince Patrick that Katherine is definitely the woman for him. What started of as a bet to see what will make Katherine hot turns into something so much more than they expected. Can they both see that they were meant together?

Lady Katherine Lindsey does not believe in love. Every time she comes close to letting her heart to love it is taken or sold away. Take for instance her first horse, Princess. It was the last thing her mother gave to her and her scum of a father sold it to get money for his losses. Since then Katherine has kept her heart closed and it's getting harder to do when Patrick is near. She knows she hurt him bad when she played a trick on him but never expected that he still wants to marry her. Katherine has learned in life to always guard her heart and never let anyone in. With Patrick though she cannot help but wonder if maybe he is the right one for her. She never expected though to fall for a Scottish man but something about his passionate kisses and sweet Scottish burr's is making it hard to not lose her heart. Can she survive this marriage?

Wow I loved this book and wish I had read the first two. Even though it is a series this book can be read as a stand-alone. Most of it is about Patrick and we see a glimpse of what this man has become. I did feel sorry for Katherine. Here was a little girl who just lost the one thing that she loved so desperately and then to grown up with a cold heart. Because of that one thing in her past it made her what she is now. However, Patrick is just the man enough to make her heart melt and boy the scenes between them were like wow. Hope Tarr did a beautiful job and definitely will keep an eye for more of her books.

Book Blurb for Untamed

Patrick O'Rourke is a rough and ready Scotsman, as well as a successful businessman, while Lady Katherine Lindsey is a beautiful English spinster, a gentlewoman. But when she finds herself blackmailed into accepting a marriage of convenience with the handsome Scot, she lets Rourke see another side of her.

Following a hasty wedding, Rourke sweeps a seething Lady Katherine from the elegant and refined drawing rooms of west London to his crumbling castle in the Scottish Highlands. The only guide Rourke has to wooing and bedding the reluctant spitfire he's taken to wife is a copy of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. But as passion sparks between them, Rourke finds he may well be the one in danger of being tamed.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00