Under Your Spell

Ella St. James has a unique power in her that no one knows about. She has hidden it so well lately but when it comes to Thomas she is having a hard time hiding her power. Ella knows if her secret is revealed they will kill or use her powers for evil. There is only one person she revealed her secret to but like everyone else in her life she died. Sarah was the only one who understood her and knew the pain she went through in trying so hard to be normal. With Thomas though she is feeling something else besides fear in her life. She knows she cannot be distracted for Sarah's killer is still out there. Can she find her killer before she succumbs to Thomas's love?

Thomas Donovan has not been in peace for so long. Not only does he have some issues but no one has come to know the real him like Lady Ella. Something about her brings out the out of control Thomas he left in the service. With Ella he feels naughty yet possessive of her as well. He is not sure how she did it but she has enchanted him with her beauty and her intellect. She is not the most usual woman he has seen or dates but something about her intrigues him.

This is the first I have read from Lois Greiman and I can see now why everybody loves her historical romances. Though it started off slow it did pick up leaving a great ending that you have so got to read. Ella is definitely not your usual heroine. You can feel her pain of trying so hard to hide her secret but you can tell how hard it is for her. I loved that Thomas never gave up on his seduction. This is a man that knows what he wants. I loved that these two and how they keept denying the attraction but man the scenes were hot. Great job Lois.

Book Blurb for Under Your Spell

She will entrance him with her beauty . . . and entice him to her bed. Biography Lois Greiman is the award-winning author of more than twenty novels, including romantic comedies, historical romances, and mysteries. Through the years she's been a horse trainer, model, fitness instructor, and the much envied...mucker of stalls. She currently lives in Minnesota with her family, some of whom are human.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00