Twice the Temptation

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Twice the Temptation

Denise Eaton had always loved Rhett Ferrell but like every other man he cheated on her. Or did he? Now years later she meets him again but for a career decision. He is the only one who can help her in her business. Ever since the breakup with Rhett her life has been centered in her day-care business and there has been no room for any love. The thing is that Rhett won’t settle for no and wants her in every way he can get her. She has no idea what really happened years ago but knows that Rhett is determined to get his vengeance on her. Yet having his kisses back in her life is making her wonder what really happened to make them break up. Denise doesn’t know what will happen but she knows she can’t ignore tempting Rhett any longer. Can she risk her heart again to him?

Rhett Ferrell has never forgotten the betrayal that his lover. He expected a forever love from Denise.never having her cheat on him. Now that he has a chance to exact revenge he's forgotten how beautiful and passionate she is. He was determined to let the past stay in the past but Denise is one woman who easily gets under his skin. Being with her again has made him realize that Denise was more than a lover to him, which confuses him. All he wants is answers on why Denise betrayed him but each time he searches for answers he is reminded of the passion they had in the past and again now. Can he figure out what really happened years ago? Can he risk his heart again for a second chance at love with the only lover who really knew him?

Rochelle Alers has a way of bringing a series to life with characters that are passionate and loveable. Rhett is a man who never forgot his lover and the love is still there. Denise is definitely the woman for him and she still loves him after all these years. These two may deny the love they have for one another, but you can see right away that they are meant for one another. There are so many questions that are left unanswered about their break up yet Rochelle did a beautiful job of showing us that everybody deserves love and answers. The passion these two have is so strong yet their stubbornness sometimes gets in the way of things. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Twice the Temptation

Denise Eaton is proud of the day-care business she built from scratch. But now the scion of this Philadelphia family dynasty could lose everything. The man who holds the key to her future? None other than Rhett Ferrell, the man she passionately loved in college…and who broke her heart.

Rhett has waited six years to take his sweet revenge. Now the legendary corporate raider is about to have Denise right where he wants her—at his mercy and in his bed. He's never forgiven her for walking out and taking up with his most hated enemy. But he's also never forgotten the desire that still burns so hotly, so irresistibly between them. That's when Rhett plots one final conquest: to take over Denise's heart. And he's a man who plays to win….

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50