Touch Me Not

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Touch Me Not

Book Length: Novel

Montgomery Jones is at the top in the talk show business. Everybody looks up to her for her awe-inspiring shows each week yet nobody really knows who Montgomery Jones is. Well except a little old lady name Ellie who knows who the real Montgomery Jones is her granddaughter Sadira. As a young child Sadira has held a special gift inside her. She can see a person's aura inside them and even sometimes if real emergency do a big healing. As a child she was called a freak and sometimes hated her special gift. With the strength of her grandmother she has learned to control it yet somehow she has forgotten who she really is inside. Sadira knows that you must let the past stay in the past. Yet, that is something she is trying to follow but one man, a childhood bully, is determined to make her pay for his bad life. With everything turning upside down from wondering if she will win an Emmy award, Ellie breaking her hip and gorgeous Doctor Luke making her realize that she is a woman who needs some good time loving from a man like him.

Dr. Luke White Eagle is a spiritual man who has always believed in his Native American roots and past history to the heart. He has heard and seen from Ellie the magical powers that Sadira denies having. He knows that somewhere inside the Montgomery Jones persona she acts is the real Sadira trying to come out to be free again. As a friend to Ellie, he has heard of Sadira life and some how has come to fall in love with her from afar. Seeing her in real life has made him determined to see that Sadira realizes what a true-talented and gifted person she really is beneath the talk show host persona. The problem is that Sadira is not your average woman ready to start an affair and he wants everything from the true love that comes in a relationship to even a long-lasting marriage. Can he convince Sadira that her gift is rare and special to that his love is for real?

Wow this is a first I have read from Shannon Emmel and it won't be the last. This author not only brought a new world, but made me believe that we all have a special gift inside that we are afraid to show. This was a great introduction to The Lotus Circle. I felt for Sadira for as a child to be called a freak is harsh but to suppress that gift is hard to do. Not only does she have a gift to heal but is afraid to show her gift because of one bully. Then you have Dr. Luke who by all counts is a very patient man when it comes to a woman he loves dearly. I loved that the author did a very good detailed history about The Lotus Circle and kept the theme throughout the whole book. Can't wait for more of this talented author's books.

Book Blurb for Touch Me Not

Savvy talk-show host Montgomery Jones has it all! Fame, fortune and fabulous friends. With this year’s Emmy win almost guaranteed and a business empire extending far beyond her television show, she thinks she can finally put the painful lessons of her childhood—of Sadira Montgomery’s childhood—behind her. But Fate thinks she still has a lot to learn. Something is missing in her life…a willingness to accept her healing gifts and fulfill her true destiny as a descendant of The Lotus Circle. Dr. Luke White Eagle’s Native American roots are deep and healers run in his family, so no one understands heritage, or the burden of certain talents, better than he does. He can help Sadira reconcile her past and embrace her future. What he can’t do is write a prescription for trust. The Wheel of Fate is in motion and soon events will force Sadira to either accept the gifts she has long denied, or bring unbearable pain and suffering to those she loves. The choice and the power are just a touch away.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00