Too Dangerous to Desire

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Too Dangerous to Desire

Too Series - Book 2

He should never have left her alone. That is what he keeps thinking even now after two years after her death. They were just married he should have stayed and protected her. Adam Westmore has lived with guilt and on vengeance. He swore after her death he would kill the man that made him end his honeymoon early and find the pirates that robbed them. What he didn't count on was meeting a woman and to have her save him. For years he thought nothing existed after his beloved Tess was killed. He became a soulless recluse of a man not caring about anything except making that person pay and finding the pirates. With Evelyn Waye he is starting to learn very slowly to let go. He is afraid though that if he does let go and enjoy a little peace in his life he is will somewhat be cheating on his wife. Adam knows it is foolish to stay in the past but he is determined to never love again even when it comes to a beautiful woman like Evie who kisses him with so much passion and innocence. Can he continue to live like a recluse and in the past?

Lady Evelyn Waye is in trouble. All she wants to do is die. There is no life for her ever since her older sister died and all because of a man. She knows her sister will never take her own life but she must. She cannot live with the idea that her father will marry her off to a monster. Not just a monster but also one who wants to do vile thinks to her and control her life. She is tired of running and thought it would be simple just to throw herself over a cliff. However she never expected to meet Adam Westmore. One kiss is all it takes from him to wonder if she can really trust him. The only example of men she has seen is from the monster and her drunkard father. Can she place her life and safety in his arms?

Too Dangerous to Desire is just hot and packed with so much romance, action and suspense. I loved that here was a woman who did not need a man but wants more than ever for her own freedom. Adam, now here is a man who will do anything he can to protect a stranger. A stranger so beautiful he is having a hard time keeping his vow to his dead wife. He knows it is wrong to have any feelings for Evie, which was great to see his confusion. I loved that one minute he wants to protect her then a second later he wants to shower her with passion.

This is my first book by Alexandra Benedict and won't be the last. This is part of a series and though it sounds it can be read alone I suggest reading the first Too Great a Temptation that was released before this one.

Book Blurb for Too Dangerous to Desire

Too Dangerous to Desire Avon Books, August 2008 ISBN: 978-06-117047-8 Lonely and overcome with grief after a painful loss in his past, Adam Westmore walks the ocean’s edge in solitude. Forced to marry a depraved foreign prince, a desperate Evelyn Waye believes she has no choice but to throw herself from the jagged cliffs into the crashing surf below. When Adam sees the enchanting woman in terrible danger, he rescues her from death and brings her back to his humble cottage. Hesitant to reveal his true identity as a distinguished lord, he nonetheless offers to protect her. And she needs protection, for the prince will find her—and harm her. Evelyn wants to trust the handsome stranger who saved her life, but her cursed beauty has made her suspicious of all men . . . even one whose kindness disarms her, whose gentle touch inspires passion within her. Soon Adam and Evelyn are consumed by desire . . . a dangerous desire that puts their very lives in peril.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00