To Wish or Not to Wish

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To Wish or Not to Wish

As You Wish

Erin Hollister just wants one thing in life and that is to make it big in her acting career. For years she has starred in small roles never seeing the bright lights. She doesn't have the life her sister has, but that might just change with some responsibility. Yet deep down in her heart she wishes for a life with a loving man. She thought she had it with Sam but once she starts freaking out he bails on her. Will she ever get the life she wants. Could Timothy be the one for her? Could a magic lamp help her along the way?

Something about the magic lamp and the genie who arrives blows her mind away. She knows magic doesn't exist but feels this is different from the movie Aladdin. The genie for once is not like the cartoons but is a sexy, gorgeous and tempting man. Four wishes is all she is granted yet she knows she is being short changed somehow. Can she just make up wishes without any thought?

This is the first I have read of Mindy Klasky and I have to say there are some really great parts to this story. I loved the whole modern day genie story line. Ms. Klasky has a great imagination and Teel the genie is definitely not your usual genie. Together these two are funny. All in all it was a great book and definitely fun to read.

Book Blurb for To Wish or Not to Wish

Erin Hollister is waiting for her big break—or even a small one. She's been dumped by her boyfriend, canned by her employer and it doesn't seem that her dream of making it on Broadway will come true either. But then she's given a lantern—complete with genie!—and it looks as if a little magic may be in store….

That is, if she can decide what to wish for. There's the rub. Career? Family? Love life? Even a charismatic genie can grant only so many wishes. Or maybe Erin should just hold on to all those magical chances and think about what might be (instead of seeing just what's under her nose).

Time's running out. Ultimately, it's Erin who must decide how to keep the magic alive—forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.75