To Cure an Obsession

She has two weeks left at a job that she hates but also to leave the man she has lusted for all these years. She is set to go back to her hometown to help her sister and knows this is her last chance to get to Mr. Sexy. Rebecca Carlisle is a pretty good accountant but lacks the social skills when it comes to men. She knows the guy, Mr. Sexy she has dubbed him, will never look at a plain woman like her. He is all she has wanted in a man yet is afraid of rejection. Can she get past her fears of rejection and get to know Mr. Sexy?

Fantasy is someone that knows what she wants. She is a woman of confidence and wants Mr. Sexy. One night with Mr. Sexy and Fantasy feels free with no fears of rejection. Can she just go away and be the same plain woman she usually is? Will Mr. Sexy ever forgive her?

Secret identities are sometimes good yet in a way it makes us see who we really are. For Rebecca Carlisle this doesn't come easy. All her life she has never had that one true love, the guy that set her up in flames with lust and deep sexual attraction. That was until she met Mr. Sexy. As another person she is set free in sexual abandonment but can she just go back to being plain. Mr. Sexy is someone she wanted in her life but once her secret is out it is a shock for her.

Love comes only once and Elyssa Lynne did a beautiful job in this story about people like us who are plain and not model-thin beautiful. The heroine had to overcome the fears that we all have. Will the gorgeous, hunky guy like plain ole me? Great job.

Book Blurb for To Cure an Obsession

When Rebecca Carlisle's obsessive lust for a coworker interferes with her work and drives her to distraction, her friend tells her there is only one cure — to screw the guy's brains out. Becka, though, has never spoken to the man, doesn't even know his name. Besides, she is moving out of state in just over two weeks.

Halloween is coming and when Becka dons a mask and a belly dancing costume, she unleashes her alter ego, Fantasy. Shy, retiring accountant Becka could never dance nearly naked through a bar to seduce the sexiest man on Earth. But Fantasy can — and does. The supposed cure for lust only makes the obsession worse and Becka soon finds herself sinking into a morass of passion, deceit…and ultimately love.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00