Three Days, Two Nights

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Three Days, Two Nights

He’s never stopped loving her and is determined to get her back no matter what he has to do. Nat Reis knows he screwed up when he didn’t fight for his wife, Tess. Now he’s determined to get her back even though she has given up on him. As an ex-army pilot he knows giving up is not an option but when it comes to Tess he knows he wasn’t the man for her years ago. She was his first and only love and he’s going to do everything he can to get her back. Tess has never stopped loving her ex-Nat. The thing is that she got tired of always been second in his life. The army was and always will be his life and not her. Now seeing him again is bringing back all those memories of why she fell in love with him the first time. Can she just forget all the hurt and pain he caused?

MJ did a great job with such a short story. She packed it with romance, passion and forgiveness. I fell in love with Nat Reis who is not your usual hero. Here is a man who knows he messed up in his marriage and is willing to do anything he can to make it right. Now Tess seemed a little reluctant in the beginning to give him a chance at all. In my book she seemed a little well put off. I mean come on here is a man who knows what he did wrong and now he is doing everything he can to make her fall in love again. The back story was great and once we find out more about Tess and her life we understand her better. MJ did such a good job through teasing us with the passion and showing us that with patience and faith anything is possible.

Book Blurb for Three Days, Two Nights

Nathaniel Reis screwed up. He put his career as an air force pilot before his marriage to Tess, and wound up divorced. Now that he's left the service, he has a plan to fix things, if only he can get her alone for a few days.

When Tess misses her flight to a corporate retreat, Nat's there with his island-hopper plane and a plot to get stranded in paradise thanks to "mechanical problems." But his plan goes awry when a storm blows them off course and they have to make a real emergency landing-and not on the island where he's stashed supplies.

Tess is furious. She's anxious to get to her retreat, and away from Nat. She's even angrier that being so close to him arouses her in a way she hasn't been for a long time. Rescue can't come soon enough, but in the meantime, she's going to have to trust Nat to keep her safe. Even if she's in danger of falling for him all over again.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00