Thigh High

Maz Adler has lived a life of comparing every man she has met to THE ONE. The one that came into her life but like a wildfire swept away real quick. Joe Patterson was the one for her, the guy of her dreams. He was the first one who showed her what true love was. Yet when it came time to choose between adventures or putting roots down well she made a mistake. Now years later he is back and Maz is determined to show him a lesson. She knows that they are meant for one another yet she wants him to crawl back to her. He’s always been a tough man and knowing that she can still make him sweat just proves how hot she still is. Can Maz be tough and not cave to his seductive kisses?

Joe Patterson made a huge mistake fourteen years ago. It was a mistake that he has regretted for years but knows when it is time to accept defeat. He knows Maz Adler is the woman for him even knew years ago there would never be another woman that could match her allure. Coming back to Amberwarra Falls was supposed to be a homecoming, a second chance at a career and hopefully getting his woman. He never expected that she would still be available but didn’t expect that he had to work hard to get his lover. She was his friend and lover but now he wants more from her as a wife. Can he convince her that they deserve a second chance?

Amarinda Jones sure knows how to make a man sweat and I so loved this book about Joe Patterson. From the beginning you can tell these two still have the sexual chemistry. Maz Adler is a tough cookie and she won’t fall easily to his passionate kisses. These two were hot in awesome scenes, some that might make you go back to the gym and others that make you wonder why Joe was so stupid. Like I said Amarinda has a hit with this one and I can’t wait for more.

Book Blurb for Thigh High

Book Length: Novella
Fourteen years ago, Joe Patterson left the small outback town of Amberwarra Falls and broke Maz Adler’s heart. Now he’s back. Hotter and sexier than Maz remembered. It’s hard holding a grudge when you want to hold a luscious man tight against you and lick every hard, hot curve. But the man needs to be taught a lesson and Maz is the girl to do it.
Joe came back home for one reason. Maz. Problem is, Maz isn’t about to open her arms and allow him back into her life and her body. But Joe has a plan to seduce his lover and break down Maz’s resistance. His aim? Her total surrender. And he’s going to enjoy every hot, sweaty moment loving her under the Aussie sun.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75