These Boots Were Made For Strutting

Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday, Melanie Jackson

A Rose by Any Other Name by Lisa Cach

Kelsey is not your usual heroine. No in this story she is clumsy, plain and somehow has a split personality. It is the shoes that make her feel sexy, desirable and most of all feel like she has confidence in herself. She thought she loved that life until her boss; Jack comes out of hiding from his home. One look and kiss from her alter-ego personality and she wants needs more than ever for him to see the real Kelsey. Can she just give up the shoes for Jack to see the real her?

So I Dated an Axe Murderer by Gemma Halliday

She has seen the shoes somewhere and the gorgeous guy that modeled next to them. The thing is that it was a different girl and now she is wearing the shoes. You would think it was normal but now Kya is modeling with this gorgeous hunk of a guy. What happened to the girl? It is not just the shoes and new job career that has her freaking out but the man who is giving her all the sexual attention she craves. What is up with the male model? Exactly what happened to the model who wore these shoes?

And They Danced by Melanie Jackson

Faith is a straight-laced woman who hardly does anything wild in her life. Yet when she wears the shoes her whole life is changed. One minute she is writing a story then the next she is on the floor. She has never been a good dancer but when her man is in her arms they're magic together. Is it the shoes that brought this man to her or the dance of seduction?

Another great hit with three best-selling authors. I love the whole shoe story and the stories these authors create are awesome. I have to say that the Lisa Cach story was my favorite. It was interesting to see a woman confused of love. Will she keep the shoes and pretend she's someone else or give them up for true love? All in all of these were great and any reader would love this book. Make sure though you check out the website at You can even buy your own shoes to strut around in on that site!

Book Blurb for These Boots Were Made For Strutting

Ever been at sixes and sevens but longed to be a perfect ten? Ever wanted to swing, to strut, to dance through life and know the world is your oyster? Ever wanted to show a megaton more moxie than Marilyn Monroe? You'll be relieved to learn there are supernatural shoes that can make your dreams come true. With just the right lifts, every woman can be the belle of the ball. The trick is to find your partner before the music fades, because the real magic happens when the shoes come off.

After a single trip to, our heroines will be able to win any heart. Who will win theirs?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75