These Boots Were Made for Stomping

Boots Series - Book 1 - all stories stand alone

Do you love shopping for boots? Do you like feeling powerful, independent and able to do anything when you wear a nice pair of boots? If you've never had that feeling well get ready for three stories from best-selling authors that will make you want to buy a pair for yourself.

A Step in the Right Direction by Julie Kenner

Nikko is a superhero and lately has been lacking something. Well that is the council's opinion. He is not sure what is happening to him but just knows that if he doesn't get Ruthless it will be the end of his career. Just when he thinks he has Ruthless a gorgeous new protector gets in his way. At least he thinks she's a new super hero, Lydia. He knows that he must go after Ruthless but something about Lydia keeps pulling him towards Lydia. Can he get this vindictive and murderous villain before Lydia gets hurt?

Lydia is still unsure what happened. One minute she is wearing these gorgeous black boots that she ordered and then she's fighting of some thugs. Talk about weird. All she knows is that when she wears the boots she is meeting the man of her dreams from a comic book, Nikko. Something about him makes her feel courageous and yet she still cannot believe that he is really a super hero. She knows she should tell him the truth but for the first time these boots are making her kick ass. Can she return them?

Kung Fu Shoes by Jade Lee

Joe DeLuce has seen a lot of things as a police officer and now a a security guard at a school but none have prepared him for teacher, Micki. He has seen her kind, the teacher that struggles to make each student special even sacrificing her own life. Joe is still not sure what keeps pulling him towards her just knows that something about her yearns for a man's love. One thing for sure is he never expected to see her do a ninja kick knocking out a group of guys including their leader. Now that he knows this about her he is fascinated about this teacher.

Micki is just a teacher and doesn't believe that she could out kick anyone especially the leader of a small gang at school. All she knows is that her best student is getting mixed into the wrong group of kids. When she finds a box of gorgeous boots it changes her in a big way. It brings out the wild child Micki, the kick ass fighter that she yearns to be and somehow brings the gorgeous security guard her way. For months she has been interested in Joe but with her being shy she hasn't done anything. Until now that is. Can she learn to be with Joe without the boots?

Karma Kitty Goes to Comic Con by Marianne Mancusi

Hailey and Colin are two people who shared everything including a love that has never been forgotten. It is because of Colin that Hailey is at the world's biggest comic con to upstart her career. His illustrations are what brought Karma Kitty to readers. She knows that without his artistic eye she would never have been able to attend. The thing is she is afraid of seeing him again because of her missing their wedding. Ever since then she has vowed to make it up to Colin even though weird people keep talking to her and I mean dead people not ordinary ones. Once she puts on the boots she is unsure how Colin would react seeing her.

These boots were made for stomping and fighting evil villains as Hailey finds out first hand. Something is happing in this year's Comic Con where ninjas are appearing and killing people. Hailey knows it is farfetched to believe that she has become her heroine but something about these boots is making her a fighting machine. Can she convince Colin that this time these things are happening for real?

Oh my god readers are going to love this kick ass story and want the boots themselves. All of them are great stories from a superhero doing his hardest work ever, a teacher shy all her life doing things she never dreamed of doing and topping it off with a comic writer getting a chance to meet her lover again. Loved it all. Of all the three though I think the one I liked the best an

Book Blurb for These Boots Were Made for Stomping


Whether facing the forces of evil or simply battling a bad hair day, fantastic footwear is key.

Yes, there are the right shoes for the right situation, and not every moment calls for Manolos. Sometimes a woman's gotta be fierce as well as feminine, fiery as well as fragile. And when the legwork required is a roundhouse, when a girl's mantra has to become "I am woman, hear me roar," those are the times it's good to know there's magic in the world.because in super-powered pumps, the shrinking-est Violet or the nervous-est Nellie can do anything. Every step in magic shoes is sure to be a big one.

After a single trip to, our heroines are safe. Their hearts are not.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00