The Taming of the Rake

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The Taming of the Rake

Oliver "Beau" Blackthorn is a bastard and welcomes it in many ways. As a bastard he doesn't have to worry about girls marrying him for his money or being caught in an inappropriate way. The only thing he has to worry about is getting rid of Lady Chelsea Mills-Beckman. Years ago she was an annoying little girl while he was trying to win her sister's hand. Now she is far more beautiful than her sister and still annoying as ever. The thing is she needs his help and though he is a bastard he cannot say no to someone in a crisis especially since he's partly to blame for her trouble. As a young boy he's never learned to love or be with a woman more than a night and Chelsea is showing him things he's never felt before. In some ways she is an angel trying to save him yet sometimes a temptress tempting him to reach that feeling of love. Can he maintain his control with this bewitching woman?

Years ago Lady Chelsea Mills-Beckman fell in love with a young man who sadly was in love with her sister. She knew back then her sister didn't deserve a man like Oliver Blackthorn. Everybody called him a bastard because of his status but she knew he was different from the other men of the ton. Now years later she is in desperate need and he's the only one who can help. Oliver is everything in a man she dreamed of. He's kind, loving and deep inside a good man who can teach her many things. Her plan was to marry him to escape her brother and his ruthless matchmaking to the reverend in town. She never thought she would gain more than escape but instead find the man of dreams. Now she must try everything she can to convince Oliver that she wants a real marriage with all the love she knows he possesses. Can she convince Oliver that this is not just a post haste marriage but maybe real love?

Once again Kasey Michaels has done it. This series starts off with a bang. This is the story of the Blackthorns born as bastards but raised to be men who need love from a good woman. The first in the series is of Oliver "Beau" Blackthorn who thinks he doesn't deserve love or second chances because of his status. Now he has Lady Chelsea to deal with and she won't take no for anything. These two were a hoot to read about for one minute they're arguing then the next they are kissing. I loved that no matter what Oliver thought of the whole deal Chelsea always had a rebuttal for everything. Kasey Michaels did a great job in this series for Oliver has no chance of backing out and Chelsea is definitely the woman to keep up his game. It's not just these two but Kasey Michaels tease us with the brother, Puck. I'm looking forward to his story as he is a fun-loving brother. I loved it Kasey. Keep up the great job.

Book Blurb for The Taming of the Rake

Meet the Blackthorn brothers- Three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being mad, bad and perilous to love

Charming, wealthy and wickedly handsome, Oliver "Beau" Blackthorn has it all.except revenge on the enemy he can't forget. Now the opportunity for retribution has fallen into his hands. But his success hinges on Lady Chelsea Mills-Beckman-the one woman with the power to distract him from his quest.

Desperate to escape her family's control, Lady Chelsea seizes the chance to run off with the notorious eldest Blackthorn brother, knowing she's only a pawn in his game. But as Beau draws her deep into a world of intrigue, danger and explosive passion, does she dare hope he'll choose love over vengeance?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00