The Night Before the Wedding

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The Night Before the Wedding

She bears a dagger that has joined her already in marriage to a Scottish man. Not just any Scottish man but chief of his clan. Every Farlan woman that bears a dagger on her body must marry the chief of the MacBraedons or grow up with madness in her if she marries another. This is something that Catherine Depford is experiencing first hand after her 18th birthday. Since she turned eighteen she has been hearing an old woman's voice chanting a curse repeatedly. The only time she finds some peace is when either she kisses Gabriel or when he is near her. She knows it is madness but even he appears in her dreams showing her a passion and real love that she has never known before in her life. Is it madness that she is growing through and more importantly can she help save Gabriel's people with their drought and no food. As she pretends to be married to him she see's first hand how real this curse has done to his people. Can she throw caution to the wind and pretend everything is okay when she is not sure that Gabriel really loves her?

Gabriel MacBraedon is a proud man and will do anything he can to help his keep and people. He has seen first hand what her mother has done by damning his people by marrying another man. Gabriel is determined to make things right and even though Catherine is English he wants more than just the curse. He knows she is feisty when she wants to be and knows inside her is a passionate woman waiting for his touch and kisses. Can he prove to her that by marrying him will not only help his people but that his love is for real? He knows that she is the woman for him but the more he is with her he is starting to see that she is not the spoiled woman he thought she was in England. Can love exist in a marriage of convenience?

Wow I so love Debra Mullins ever since I read her first book, A Necessary Husband. Only Debra knows how to make a Scottish man in a book come to life with so much passion, love and oh yes virility. Overall in this whole book I liked Gabriel. Here was a man who would sacrifice his chance of finding real love to help his people and to feed them. This is something I found very endearing and courageous for he was taking a big gamble on Catherine. I loved it all and know every historical romance reader will enjoy this book.

Book Blurb for The Night Before the Wedding

To win the woman destined to be his bride . . . Catherine Depford is the wealthiest heiress in London, and she is all but promised to a proper English lord . . . so why is she having dreams of a Scottish warrior claiming her for his own? She can't imagine that her heated fantasies would come true . . . until she locks eyes with the stranger of her dreams in a crowded ballroom. A Scotsman will do anything Highland chief Gabriel MacBraedon has come to London in search of Catherine, the woman an ancient curse dictates to be his bride. But he can't very well sweep the English beauty into his arms and carry her off to Scotland in the dead of night. Or can he? Nothing is impossible when a Scotsman's passion is making the rules . . .

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00