The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch

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The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch

Naomi Venable never thought of love, a lover or even about family. Yet everything changes when she rescues Chantall Keathley. Basketball was always her main goal in life but meeting Chantall and her family changes her priorities in life now. Zack Keathley is the very man her grandmother told her to stay away for he is sexy, gorgeous and the devil incarnate. His kisses and touch tempt her for something more than just basketball. Living in his home Naomi see’s a different kind of life one that has love all over it. She knows her stay is temporary yet she knows that she cannot live without Zack’s kisses. Each night and day he shows her a life of what ifs. Naomi knows it might not be forever but she knows she can help Zach with whatever demons he has in him. Can she convince him that they belong together?

Zach Keathley is a man haunted by his past. He left Haiti as a little boy for a new adventure. An adventure that has made him into the man he is today. The thing is that even as an adult now he still remembers his childhood and the mother that gave him away. The Keathley's gave him a life and a second chance. Yet there is something about Naomi that reminds him that the most important thing is missing in his life, love and family. As a real estate developer he has become a workaholic but with Naomi work is far from his mind. For the first time he feels something more than just passion with a woman. As a millionaire he has had many women throw themselves at him yet Naomi is different from the other’s he’s dated. Can he believe in her love and passion? Or is it all a game for her?

Michelle Monkou has done it again in this tale of two people afraid to love and let go. I loved that you have a woman basketball player who's not afraid of taking risks in the game yet Zach scares her. These two were awesome with one another showing how afraid they were of love yet give it all they had for the passion between them. Zack is a man who needs a woman like Naomi to make him sane and stable. Michelle Monkou showed us that even a millionaire and workaholic like Zach needs a woman like Naomi to have fun and learn to live again. The secondary characters like their families were fun to read about and I definitely see that a united family is stronger than ever in this book. Great job.

Book Blurb for The Millionaire's Ultimate Catch

After a daring, headline-making rescue, basketball star Naomi Venable accepts Zack Keathley's invitation to spend a week recuperating at his sprawling country estate. The sinfully sexy millionaire could have his pick of any woman in the world. But once he sets his sights on Naomi there's no way she can resist this rugged alpha male's charms....

Zack owes Naomi for coming to the aid of his baby sister. But grateful isn't all the driven developer feels for the sleek and sultry pro athlete. And once he makes up his mind, there's no stopping the aroused penthouse playboy! Caught in Naomi's seductive spell, can Zack convince this fearless sorority sister that their passionate paradise is meant to last forever?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50