The Making of a Country Doctor

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The Making of a Country Doctor

Ben Taylor is an invalid right now. He needs help in the worse way and Julia Chambers is definitely a godsend. Being in a wheelchair temporarily has left him helpless. As a doctor he is always on call, always ready to jump to help those in need. He wants to help Julia finish her rotation. For the first time since becoming a doctor he has feelings for a fellow coworker. Julia is like a breath of fresh air, especially since she is from the city. He knows his town is small and might never hold an appeal for Julia, yet he tries everything he can to convince her they belong together. Can he do it with just love?
Julia Chambers is a city girl through and through. She’s never seen herself living in a small town and doing this small rotation is three months out of her life. Her goal is to get through it without running back to the city…even if it kills her. Being a general practitioner has always been her dream, because she wants to help those in need. Her boyfriend at the moment thinks she will never make it as a doctor but in Ben’s eyes she knows anything is possible. Can she prove to Ben that she will make a great doctor?
Patrice Moore is a fabulous author and I look forward to more of her works. Her characters are so real. Ben and Julia are great for each other. I just loved that no matter how depressed or homesick Julia was Ben was there to comfort her. Patrice pumped up the chemistry between these two, but at the same time it was a heartwarming, sweet and loving story. This was definitely a great story from Patrice Moore and definitely one readers should take home.

Book Blurb for The Making of a Country Doctor

It’s hard to attract doctors – and women - to rural areas.  Physician Ben Taylor, temporarily confined to a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident, desperately needs help running his medical clinic in remote Jasper, Idaho.  But he never expected his new Resident Doctor, Julia Chambers, to be an exotic beauty.

Julia is traumatized after losing a maternity patient during her emergency room rotation in Portland, Oregon, compounded by the desertion of her fiancé.  She is seeking a place to hide and recover from her ordeal.  She has no interest in developing a relationship with Ben.  But when Julia falls apart during an emergency delivery of a pregnant patient, Ben wonders if she can handle the difficulties endemic in a rural medical clinic…or his own desire to keep her in Jasper.

Can Julia overcome both her professional and her personal fears in order to make it as a country doctor…and Ben’s wife?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00