The Governess Wears Scarlet

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The Governess Wears Scarlet

Viscount Jason Steele is a man of many talents and no one really knows about him. He is a Sentinel (a man who protects people), a barrister and most of all a viscount. He thought he had it all but it wasn't enough for his wife who passed away. He thought he was a changed man but one night in an alley reminds him of his past life. Jason has worked hard in making a new life for him but when he meets a woman with a mask in an alley he is reminded once again of the life he has tried to stay away from. Something about the lady though brings out a passion he thought was gone. Right now he has no time for a romance for he needs to find out who wants his nephews dead. All the evidence points to him but he knows for a fact that he is not the killer. Can he find out who the scarlet woman with the mask is and the killers? What tie does she have with this whole thing?

Abigail is a woman who has not had an easy life. One thing she knows is that working as a governess she must look innocent and of course play the part of a good governess. This comes hard when she cannot forget the masked man that makes her feel passion for the first time. She does not know his name but knows that his touch is something that could ruin all she has worked for in her life. In her heart Abigail yearns to be a mother but all she can do for now is be a governess. No way can she have a life until she finds her brother. She knows he is in trouble but would never hurt those she in charge of at the time. Something about Jason though is making her wonder why she feels like she knows his touch and can't stop fantasizing about him. Can she find her brother Reggie before it's too late? Can she find out the masked man's identity?

This is a first I have read of Sari Robins and loved the historical romance in this one. It is always a woman's fantasy to know passion from a masked man to wonder where he is or who he is. I loved that Abigail is a young woman who wants to be normal, but she can't help being mysterious at night. She has to search for her brother. She knows of course that she will always protect him but as a woman who moonlights at night as a widow is something she knows is not right. Now Jason is a man of mystery that makes him all together sexy in this novel. He is a man who has many talents and many faces of him. One part he is a caring uncle loving his nephews, the other he is a sentinel protecting Abigail from evil people. I loved it all and can't wait for more of this author.

Book Blurb for The Governess Wears Scarlet

Haunted by a terrible tragedy, Viscount Jason Steele roams the streets of London as a masked vigilante. One starlit night, he rescues a veiled young woman. . . and she unleashes a fiery passion he'd thought long dead. Though they explore every inch of each other's bodies, they must keep their faces hidden, for an illicit affair could have dangerous consequences for them both . . . In the harsh light of day, Jason's primary concern is hiring a governess to care for his two young nephews. He has no idea that Abigail West is the tantalizing woman he meets under the cover of darkness each night. But when they discover a kidnapping plot that could plunge them all into mortal danger, Jason and Abigail will be forced to reveal themselves . . . and lay bare their incredible, explosive attraction for all the world to see. About the Author Sari Robins was born and raised in New York, married a Southern gentleman, and now lives with her family in Georgia. Having spent years working as a tax attorney, she realized that deep inside her beat the heart of an author. Since leaving her law practice behind, she hasn’t looked back. She gets to be more creative in her writing than she ever could have with a legal brief. She loves writing fiction, particularly narratives set in England’s Regency period--the setting for her exciting Andersen Hall series which began with One Wicked Night, More Than a Scandal, What to Wear to a Seduction, and When Seducing a Spy. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Andersen Hall series, due out in 2008!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00