The Door to Love

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The Door to Love

A trophy wife that is what she has always been and now Courtney James is ready to live. As a wife to a famous racecar driver she is determined to make Courtney’s Sports shop a success even if it means sacrificing romance. Courtney has no time for romance but a pesky Chicago lawyer keeps bugging her, well in a good way. Lincoln Spencer is everything she is trying to run away from. Her whole goal is to make her place a success but something about Link keeps grabbing her attention. Her family is important to her as well and knows that her sister is better off with Link. Or is she? Each day in his presence is making her rethink her decision for not falling in love. Something about him makes her wish to have both things. Can she have love and a thriving business at the same time?

Lincoln Spencer is the great Chicago lawyer that everybody talks about in Door County. Yet being in Door County he feels at home and not felt like that in the big city. Everybody wants him to run for politics but nobody knows the real him. Well except one person and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Courtney James is everything he has ever wanted in a woman but is determined to not fall for him. Each time he thinks he’s made progress his boss’s pesky daughter, Georgie Burns interferes making Link look bad in Courtney’s eyes. He knows she thinks of him as player but he’s more than that. Can he prove to Courtney that his feelings for her are real and not fake?

The Door to Love is everything it is titled for every door that is closed a great new one is opened before your eyes. Courtney had a dreadful marriage and meeting Lincoln Spencer right now is something she never expected to happen. The scenery in this story is breathtaking and Andy her nephew was fun to read about. Here is a little cupid in disguise for his adventurous side is just what Courtney and Link need to get together. Nancy Sweetland did a great job in this fun and romantic story from the first chapter till the end. Yes even down to Georgie Burns who yes is definitely a pesky annoying blond down to her roots. Link and Courtney are great for each other and can’t wait for more of Nancy’s books.

Book Blurb for The Door to Love

Contemporary Champagne Rosebud
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 228
Courtney James’ plan to reinvent her life by opening a sports shop in romantic Door County, Wisconsin, is complicated by handsome Link Spencer, a Chicago lawyer who unexpectedly inherits a half interest in the property and discovers a full interest in her. Angry and reluctant to include him in her plans even while attracted to him, she tries to buy him out. He refuses.
Chicago debutante Georgie Burns, Link’s former lover, arrives and complicates Link’s determination to win Courtney. So does Courtney’s sister Lisbet who sets her sails for Link as a father-to-be for 7-year old Andy. The small boy disappears in a violent summer storm and a fire demolishes Courtney’s Sports. Her dream dissolved, Courtney returns to Milwaukee. Has she left her heart…and her love…in Door County?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50