The Cowboy Takes a Bride

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The Cowboy Takes a Bride

Joe Daniels had it all. He had a good wife, a great friend and like a snap everything was gone. Now his nights are spent with Jack Daniels and his memories of the good times. The past couple months his life has been dedicated “cutting” a horse. His dream is to get the horse he bought from Callahan and make it big time. He didn’t expect the old man’s estranged daughter to ruin everything. He’s been with Old Callahan for years and not once did she ever make an appearance. Now she is everywhere on the ranch and somehow is getting under his skin. As a cowboy he has sworn to protect and honor the wishes of the old man, but something about Mariah proves that to be hard. One minute he wants to throttle her and another moment he wants to kiss her passionately. She wants to sell the whole ranch and he’s determined to shut her down no matter what it takes. Can he convince her that cutting horses is in her blood?

It’s been years since Mariah Callahan has seen her father. So it’s a surprise that he has died and left her a ranch. For years she has hated him, but seeing what he was trying to do makes her curious about him. Mariah knows she can never get the answers to the questions about his leaving, but she knows that a man like Joe Daniels is dangerous. He’s just like her father. He’s all into cutting horses and she’s determined to leave the ranch quickly. It is because of cutting horses that she lost her father and doesn’t want to lose another man to that again. Something about Joe though makes her see more than a cowboy. She sees a man who might have been perfect for her. The thing is that no matter how much she tries she can never forgive her father. Can she give Joe a chance to get her heart?

Lori Wilde has done it again with a story that speaks on so many levels. The volume rises on love, passion and forgiveness. The Cowboy Takes a Bride shows us a woman who just wants the love of her father. Lori Wilde did a great job in showing us Maria’s pain and Joe’s heartache. I felt for these two and couldn’t decide who I liked better. Each character was memorable in a way that made my heart pitter patter. The story line was smooth and kept my attention all the way. This is definitely a book worth reading and I recommended this author. Her talent shines throughout the book.

Book Blurb for The Cowboy Takes a Bride

Any contemporary romance reader can tell you, cowboys are hot! And no one is hotter than Joe Daniels, the sexy ranch-hand hero of Lori Wilde’s The Cowboy Takes a Bride. The first book in Wilde’s exciting series set in Jubilee, Texas—a small town full of horses, cowboys, and more romance than you can shake a stick at—The Cowboy Takes a Bride is the kind of western-set love story that bestselling romance authors Linda Lael Miller and Kat Martin are famous for. Readers who love books by Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallery, and Sherryl Woods will fall passionately in love with cowboy Joe as he and a beautiful failed wedding planner try to make a go at a falling down ranch and find that their hearts are leading them straight to the altar.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00