Texas Justice

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Texas Justice

Jessica Johnson is free...well she thought she was when she buried her husband. Now the sheriff is out to get Jessica for the murder of her husband. It’s hard to believe that even dead her husband is making her life hell. To everyone else they saw her happy with Henry but only she knew what kind of man her late husband was. Now on the run she is confused not only for herself but for the man that is helping her. He says he is Henry’s brother but he never said he had one in the beginning. The more she is with Reade she is starting to see life in a different way. With Henry she always had to be docile, sweet and shy. Yet with Reade one kiss from him makes her want to be adventurous, fun but most of all to be loved for good this time. Can she convince Reade that she is innocent and meant no harm to Henry?
Reade is back to find out what happened to the brother he has not seen for many years. Reade never expected to come back to see his brother being buried. Something about Jessica Johnson enchants him. He is not sure whether to believe her that she didn’t kill Henry but something about her makes him determined to find the real killer. Each day with Jessica is taking him closer to a life he thought was not possible. He has always wanted a wife someone to love him and with Jessica it might happen if he could find the killer first before he or she finds Jessica.
Marsha Coles so rocked in this book. This is the first time I’ve read this author and won’t be the last. The story came to life in each chapter from his first seeing of Jessica at the funeral smiling to getting the killer. The one part I thought might have been left out was the ghost town part but even with that small scene Marsha did it beautifully. Jessica and Reade are so perfect for each other but also the secondary characters in this book were wonderfully done. Great job and highly recommended from this author.

Book Blurb for Texas Justice

Jessica Johnson thought her troubles were over when her abusive husband was killed but when a handsome stranger rides into town bent on revenge and she becomes the number one suspect in her husband's death she finds that her troubles are just beginning. Jessica and her brother-in-law Reade find themselves running from a posse, taking cover from a tornado, meeting an unusual couple in a ghost town, and finding a growing passion along the way. Can they find the true killer before it is too late and can a new love erase Jessica's old fears? Find out inside the pages of...Texas Justice.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00