Texas Hold Him

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Texas Hold Him

Gambler Dyer Straights has one mission in life. It is the only thing that has kept him from going overboard as a gambler. He is trying to find the person that killed his wife and son. Everybody knows him as a high gambling man but not as a Yankee captain. The war did a lot of things to people making them do things and Dyer knows this from experience. His whole life has been to seek revenge that was until Lottie Mason enters his life wreaking havoc. He’s always been good at the poker cards but one proposition from Lottie is making him lose no matter how hard he tries to forget about her. The thing is Lottie is hard to ignore especially since she is persistent, brave and beautiful as hell to him. Above all else she is a greenhorn to poker and he knows it is up to him to teach her the way of the cards with of course a little pleasure on the side for sure. Can he help Lottie get the finance she needs before he loses his heart all over again?
The war has done a lot of things to people making them do things they have never done before. For Lottie Mason everything changed when her father went to war coming back broken and almost arrested for something he didn’t do. Now instead of being a debutant like she used to be she must runaway to a gambling riverboat and get money for a blackmailer. She has no idea how but knows Dyer Straights is the man she needs in her life right now. Each night she is learning a lot of things from an ace being higher than any club but most of all Dyer’s kisses. Kisses that she has never experienced before, kisses that are making her forget why she is trying to learn poker. She knows Dyer is just helping her to get rid of her but she knows Dyer needs her more in his life. Can she help Dyer with his vengeance or will they both fail with a game of cards?
Oh my god this is the first I have read from Lisa Cooke and won’t be the last. This book just pulled me in from the first chapter with the introductions of Dyer and Lottie. I mean wow it just came to life for me so easily. This is a very talented, imaginative and enchanting author who knows how to grip a reader and have her wanting more of Dyer and Lottie. Yes Dyer is a man seeking vengeance but he is also a gentleman no matter how the author portrays him. In this book he is a sexy and devilish gambler that will make any woman blush. Lottie is definitely brave for taking up poker lessons with the devil himself. Man oh man there is just so much to say about this book and one way to say is that this is definitely one of those books that should be made into a movie. Awesome and Lisa Cooke rocked rocked this book.

Book Blurb for Texas Hold Him

As if losing the war to the Yankees weren’t bad enough, Lottie Mason must get  $15,000 dollars to protect her ailing father from prison.  None of her friends have that kind of money and the only place she can think of to get it is from the thriving riverboat gambling enterprise on the Mississippi.  Problem is, she doesn’t know a thing about playing cards.  So she approaches the best gambler on the river to offer him a deal.  She’ll pay him a percentage of her earnings if he’ll teach her to gamble. 

Texan Dyer Straights has his own demons to fight and teaching Lottie poker is the last thing he wants to do.  When Lottie’s pestering finally pushes him to the end of his rope, he makes her the most scandalous deal he can think of in order to scare her away…he’ll teach her the game if she’ll give him a night in his bed.

What he doesn’t know is, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 5.00