Gentlemen Inc., Book One

What would you do if your teacher was a member of an all-male escort agency? Would you just brush him off? Or do nothing and enjoy every moment you have with a man you have come to fall in love with. That is something that Joan a.k.a Calamity Joan has to find out. All her life she has been known as a clumsy person never doing anything right. Posing as a stripper to finally nab a big mob man she will do anything she can to prove that she can get the job done. Getting stripping lessons from Archer, a man who oozes sexual appeal was not something she expected.

The first day she is nervous as hell, not noticing the sexual attraction right away and feels somewhat embarrassed that she has once again made a fool of herself. Every time she is around him she gets all jittery never knowing what to do. Now Archer, wow talk about a hot man for a dancer he is hot. He is a man who has been with many women but when he meets Joan he's tongue-tied. She is everything he dreamed of before in a woman yet he doesn't know what to do with her. He is afraid that once she knows his true work skills she might dump him. One thing for sure is that if he continues with the agency he is going to lose the one thing he's ever wanted: true love. Can it work?

This is the first I have read of Nathalie Gray. I really enjoyed the beginning because of the mystery of the man behind the agency. I liked how Archer's identity throughout the book was being kept secret and Joan's clumsiness. At times I felt something was missing like the characters jumped too fast in the relationship not really talking to each other. The scenes were great but more explanation into why Archer joined the agency and why Joan had to explain why she wasn't clumsy could have been added. I wish the book would have been longer and the relationship developed a bit slower.

Book Blurb for Tease

Gentlemen Inc., Book One

Popular member of Gentlemen Inc., a global all-male escort agency, Archer has a week to transform overachiever police officer "Calamity Joan" into an exotic dancer. Morality squad undercover cop Joan Blair has a week to infiltrate a private club controlled by Montreal's organized crime and catch a world-renowned crook.

Together, Joan and Archer have a week to discover what makes the other tick, what sets their blood to boiling, their body quivering, their heartbeat racing. A handful of days to gauge and tease the other. A fistful of nights spent white-knuckled through a carnal rush that will leave them on a precipice where a mere frisson can tilt the scales and a look melt a woman's heart…or break it in a thousand shards.

A week to test each other's limits.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00