Taste of Passion

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Taste of Passion

Madaris Family Novels

MacKenzie “Mac” Standfield is a good attorney, fighting for the people who deserve justice. Right now she is working on a huge case. This case is one that she needs all her concentration for. Her biggest distraction right now is rodeo star Luke Madaris. She met him a couple years ago at a public auction for her cousin and since then has been secretly lusting after him. Seeing then he has been hurt during a rodeo show and Mac never expected to have him stay with her at her house. Being in close proximity with him is making her libido go haywire. A friend is all she wants from him for now...or does she. She knows that each day with Luke is one more step to her losing her heart to him. Mac has been burned before and knows that Luke will be her biggest heartbreak. Can she survive without Luke Madaris?
Luke Madaris has faced bulls in the blink of an eye but MacKenzie Stanfield is one he is definitely afraid of losing. He didn’t plan on getting hurt but it was great timing and an excuse to stay at her house. Being with her thought is making him realize how lonely his life has become. He has always been a bachelor never wanting to fall in love. Yet with Mac he is going through all the feelings he never tried experiencing before. Something about Mac is making him see that life without her will be well boring. The thing is being a Madaris is like being a Hollywood star. When someone falls in love be ready for a wedding and babies. Is this something Luke is ready for with Mac? Can he just give up his rodeo career for a woman?
Okay so I started reading the book just you know for a glimps. But then it gripped my attention and then I finished it in one sitting. Not once did I drop the book to take a break. Luke captured my attention from his fearless attitude and his fear of falling in love. Mac, now here is a woman who is afraid to learn to love again after one disastrous affair.
Brenda Jackson not only is talented but got my attention right away from the first chapter. Her story is just so very imaginative. This is a whole series but can be read alone. I just wish I read the other books in the series. The Madaris family is fun to read about in their small scenes. Luke and Mac are hot for each other and beware of those passionate scenes. Great job Brenda Jackson and can’t wait for Blade’s story. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Taste of Passion

Attorney Mackenzie “Mac” Standfield swore off love when her heart was shattered into a million pieces. But there’s one man who has managed to tempt her beyond reason—rodeo star Luke Madaris. Although five years have passed, Mac discovers when she runs into Luke again that the sexual tension is just as charged as ever…
When Luke gets injured in a rodeo, he knows the only place where he can recuperate—without being smothered by his worried family—is at Mac’s place. After all, like Mac, he has no interest in any romantic entanglements….until being in such close quarters with Mac forces Luke to confront a desire he can no longer fight…
With each passing day, Mac and Luke come to realize that their smoldering attraction can be put out only if they surrender to it. But what Mac doesn’t realize is that once you give yourself to a Madaris man, there’s no turning back…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00