Tangled Past

Sarah McLeod is tired of being neglected and abused. Oh she doesn't get physically abused but gets verbally abused by her stepfather. She knew from a young age her father never liked her but never thought he would sell her. Just when things couldn't get worse she spies on two men in an intimate position. Sarah had heard about relationships like this but never thought they were for real until now. From afar you can tell right away that Jackson Kellar and Nate Campbell belong together. Yet because of her she is the cause for a separation. She always dreamed of marrying a nice man and having children. She never thought though she would marry two men. Sarah never meant to hurt Jackson or Nate but somehow these two men have come to mean so much for her. Can she choose just one man forever?

Nate Campbell will do anything for his best friend Jackson Kellar. He knows it is wrong to feel this way but something about him just gets him going. For years they have been more than friends and now one woman changes everything. He knew that by Jackson marrying Sarah everything would be okay. Yet he never expected to start having feelings for Sarah. All his life it has always been Jackson but somehow he can't remember a day without Sarah now. As friendships go he must decide how to hide his feelings for Jackson even when the bigger test is hiding his feelings towards Sarah. Can he remain friends with them when all he wants is to be loved by both of them?

Leah Braemel has done it again in a story about three people whose lives change drastically. You have Sarah McLeod who is young and sometimes innocent about so many things. Seeing two men like Jackson and Nate confuses her yet she feels safe with them. A relationship like theirs is unheard of but Sarah knows they can make it work. Leah Braemel did an awesome job in showing how far a friend will go to make sure everybody is happy even it means sacrificing his own happiness. One thing about Leah Braemel is she knows about cowboys, love and passion no matter how many people are in that relationship. Tangled Past is definitely a keeper and Leah Braemel is one author to always keep up to date on. She never fails in writing a book worth reading.

Book Blurb for Tangled Past

Forced to marry a man she just met, Sarah McLeod clings to the hope that she’ll finally find the love and acceptance she’s always craved. Her tenuous dreams of a happy life on the frontier are in danger of being dashed by the one thing she can’t change?her husband’ s love for another man.

Jackson Kellar’ s determined to do right by his bride, yet he’s torn between his newfound love for Sarah and his still-burning desire for Nate.

Ranch owner Nate Campbell loves them both. He hates to see Jackson’s loyalties so divided, and doesn’t want Sarah hurt either. How can they fix the tangled mess they find themselves in? Nate suggests a possible solution?a permanent threesome.

With the open frontier closing in around them, is Nate’s solution their path to happiness?or will others destroy what they’ve found together?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50