Talk Dirty to Me

Miniseries: Dirty Laundry

Jarod is a man who takes his career seriously as an English professor. Yet everything changes when he bumps into a beautiful, sexy woman like Nora. Something about her intrigues him and her little fantasies. He didn’t mean to follow or read her private thoughts but one fantasy hooks him. Nora reminds him of when he was younger and not the dull man he has become. What starts out as a little game soon becomes more for him. As a teacher he must maintain a reputation yet with Nora he wants to be wild and experience some of these fantasies with her. Can he convince Nora that sometimes fantasies do come true?

Nora MacGregor is a biologist about to become something more with her final dissertation. The problem is she lost her notebook. Not just any notebook but one that contains her private thoughts about female sexuality. Now someone has found her notes and is making her think of other things besides her dissertation. The caller says he can make all those fantasies come true and she is falling for his voice, a voice that makes her want more than just a voice over the phone. The game was to talk dirty to him but somewhere along the line she is getting overly excited about the chance of meeting him in person. As female sexuality goes hers is going haywire just by his voice and the things he makes her say. Will she ever get her notebook or succumb to call’s dirty talk in real life?

Nora and Jarod are two people who are not what they seem. They are hiding naughty parts of themselves from society. Talk Dirty to Me by Ginny Glass and Inez Kelly is the second in their Laundry series and proves that they work great together as a team. This follows Coin Operated the first in the series and man was this one hot. Jarod talking to Nora and the naughty questions and games are hot. Nora is definitely a shy woman and the thought of a man like Jarod definitely entices her, but also makes her afraid of a letdown. This is definitely a funny book and I can’t wait for more from these two talented authors.

Book Blurb for Talk Dirty to Me

"Tell me what you want. Talk dirty to me."

Biologist Nora MacGregor is frantic when she loses her dissertation notes on female sexuality—and some very personal fantasies. Then a sinful stranger calls with a wicked proposition: if she talks dirty to him, he'll return her notes, page by page. "James" allows Nora to explore her deepest desires and challenges her clinical ideas about sex. But James can't give her the loving touches she finds in her budding relationship with Dr. Jarod Reed.

Jarod seized an opportune moment to fulfill his desire for Nora by becoming the mysterious James. While the anonymous, erotic phone sessions are unforgettable, Jarod longs to tell Nora he wants more than just talk. But how can he confess his deception without it costing him the chance to make their fantasies a reality?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.75