Taking The Heat

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Taking The Heat

Book 2 (Book 1 - After The Fire)

Liam O'Neil has had enough. He wants to see his children happy especially his youngest, Mikey. It has been a difficult three years since his wife died of cancer. For the first time he is ready to move on but afraid of the consequences. As a single dad with a teenager and a young child he watches his every move and thinks about them before making any rash decisions. The problem is that when it comes to firefighter Sophie Tyler he is thinking of himself before everyone else. He always put his children as first priority. Yet Sophie brings out the man that has fantasies, dreams of finding the right woman again and hopefully love back into his life. He blames God for taking his wife away yet knows that Sophie leads a much dangerous life as a firefighter. His family tells him that he needs a little shake up in his so that he can live a normal life again. Yet can he do it? Can he just let love back in his life even if costs him his children?

As a firefighter, especially a woman firefighter, Sophie Tyler has had to work harder then ever. She knows she could have had any job yet working near the fire is like home to Sophie. The firefighters are the ones who actually make Sophie feel like part of a family. Liam is definitely temptation in a gorgeous body and he makes her wonder about having a family for the first time, love and maybe even children. She knows that her work is dangerous and sometimes it breaks her heart that Mikey cares so much about her that she is having doubts about her work. She knows Liam comes with baggage yet is determined to make him see that even though he is a single dad he deserves a little love in his life. She can fight fires yet can she fight for the love she knows is there with Liam? Can she make him see that even if you fight fires there is danger everywhere in life?

Oh my god Kathryn Shay just became a favorite for this reviewer. Man talk about tons of heat in this book. pardon the pun. It is amazing that she got so much correct info about the fire stations, fires and women firefighters. As a daughter of a fireman it is easy to see how Liam can worry about Sophie's work. She does work dangerously but she loves her job. I felt sorry for Liam for losing his wife and the pain of helping his children become normal again after so much grief. These two were perfect and it was hard to see them separated even for a minute. Kathryn Shay did a beautiful job in the book never faltering from its main story line and I loved that she included characters from her past books. Even though I came into this series late this one can be read alone. Great job and can't wait for more from this author.

Check out her website at www.kathrynshay.com for a book trailer of this book and her previous ones as well.

Book Blurb for Taking The Heat

Things are heating up at Bailey's Pub...

Working as the cook at his family's pub, Liam O'Neil has nothing but respect for his firefighter regulars. But when firefighter Sophie Tyler takes a part-time job at the pub, Liam must be cautious. A widower with two young sons, he can't put his heart on the line for someone who walks into burning buildings. But how can he ignore the fire burning within?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00