Emma Holder is a young attorney and loves her job. The thing is she hates traveling to the routine meetings. However this trip is one that she will always remember. As fate is on her side by giving her the wrong suitcase. Not just any suitcase but one filled with every naughty fantasy that she has…well fantasized about. She never expected though to meet the owner of the case. He is definitely a girl’s wet dream come true. This man gives off sexuality to its hottest point. From the beginning she is nervous yet something about Luke Borelli throws all caution out of the window. Can she live up to his fantasies? Can she live in the fantasy throughout the trip?

Luke Borelli is a man who lives on sex and BDSM. He is a man who has had many women yet none compare to Emma Holder. She is naïve in the world of BDSM yet intrigued in his lifestyle. Emma is definitely a woman who makes him want more than just her submission. The thing is that it is supposed to be just a routine trip and nothing more. Three days of her in his bed and he wants more than just those days. Can he convince her that she is perfect for him in every way?

Hmm losing your suitcase or getting the wrong one sure has it great advantages. For a woman like Emma it is a godsend. Here is a woman who lately has not had a sex life because of work. Enter a man like Luke Borelli and her sex life is going from bah to baboom in a split second.

Switched by Desiree Holt is one hot book from the beginning to the end and Luke’s definitely one hot guy. Great job. Desiree has many other books that I’ve come to love…so check those out also.

Book Blurb for Switched

Emma is prepared for another boring lawyers’ conference until her suitcase gets switched with Luke Borelli’s—a man who has as much interest in BDSM as he does in torts and contracts. Wet and horny from the moment she lays eyes on him, she accepts his invitation to introduce her to the pleasures of BDSM.

The feeling of helplessness the handcuffs create only enhances Emma’s pleasure as his mouth devours every inch of her body, his hands teasing and tormenting. When he introduces her to the switch and the edge of pleasure-pain it brings, her orgasms reach a plane of undeniable intensity.

But what about afterward? Emma wonders if she’ll ever see him again. How is she going to satisfy her now permanently aroused body?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50