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Contemporary Erotic Romance

What would you do for a friend? Would you go to a sex resort and do anything that was asked from you. An easy question to say yes or no to, but for Melissa it is one that will determine her future with Shane. He is the guy she has fantasized about for years and also her best friend. The thing is Shane doesn't see her as a sexy woman. He sees her just as a friend. Talk about a low blow to her self-esteem. She never expected him to ask her to accompany him to The Sweet Surrender, a swinger's resort. Melissa is no innocent and has read about these people that swap wives or girlfriends for sex but never imagined Shane was into it. Would this be the place that will finally make Melissa wanton, sexy and desirable to Shane? Or will it be her downfall.

Ty is an ex security guy who will do anything for his friend Suzanne. Upon hearing that a potential buyer is coming he knows that he must protect Suzanne. Wondering if it is Melissa that could be the potential he is not sure whom to protect now. He knows Suzanne is a great seductress but seeing Melissa makes him wonder if maybe it's time to join in the activities at the resort. One thing for sure is that Melissa is no innocent and he is definitely willing to show all the sexual sides of the resort. The thing is can he do it without losing his heart or his friendship with Suzanne.

Man oh man this one was one roller coaster of sex, passion and oh so vivid you can imagine yourself at the resort. It was interesting as a reader to read that this swinging business does exist and not all of it is seedy but somewhat loving. Melissa is a woman who is timid and it takes one good-looking man like Ty to bring that inner sensuality and passion in her out to play. Great book and can't wait for more by Opal Carew. Ms. Carew has wonderful imagination and great talent.

Book Blurb for Swing

It all started with an innocent request.Melissa's friend Shane asked her to accompany him on a business trip to an exclusive resort. But The Sweet Surrender is no ordinary vacation spot--it's for men and women who swing. As Melissa mingles with the other guests and discovers the resort's fantasy rooms, she's tempted to explore her naughty side and live out her most sinful fantasies-but she isn't prepared for the storm of desire that awaits. She soon finds herself torn between two men, one of her oldest friends and a handsome stranger who belongs to another. Both men bring her the most exquisite pleasure, but which man will win her heart?

Her work has been described as "scorching," "intoxicating" and "brilliant," and this is Opal Carew's hottest novel yet. Visit The Sweet Surrender and sample its decadent pleasures for yourself.if you can take the heat.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00