Suspicions of the Heart

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Suspicions of the Heart

Candy Arnold has never had a real home to call her own. Since she was a child she has always been on the move. When her father passed away leaving her a ranch she thought it was finally a sign for her to start making roots of her own. The thing is that she is determined to stay on her land no matter who wants her dead. Each time the accidents happen Joe is there rescuing her. She knows he means well but is it just coincidence that he’s there when a bull almost kills her. What makes her doubt him more is that Joe also wants her land. Candy is not sure what to do now but knows that she cannot resist him anymore.
Joe has a dream of raising longhorns on his ranch but there is a problem, Candy Arnold. Lately he has been feeling restless and is looking to settle down. For so many years he thought he was in love with his best friend Lisa but seeing Candy has made him realize that he is not into Lisa anymore. He knows someone wants Candy hurt but is not sure who or why. Her land can bring so many things to the little town but she has no idea what it is. All he knows is that without Candy in his life he is sad and alone more than ever. Can he convince Candy that he is not the one behind all the accidents?
Suspicions of the Heart are something we all have to deal with at sometime in our lives. For Candy thought it is hard to imagine Joe not being a suspect since he is always there when the accidents happen. She knows in her heart he can’t be the one but is unsure of herself.
I loved that Rita brought these two together in an unusual way trying to make them see how right they are for one another. The secondary characters are great in this story from Uncle Roscoe to even Joe’s friends. Suspicions of the Heart is a wonderful and pleasurable read and a great book.

Book Blurb for Suspicions of the Heart

Someone wanted her off her land, but why? Strange things began to happen to Candy Arnold when she inherited a broken down ranch from her father in the Panhandle of Texas.

All of a sudden she was the center of attention from her ex-husband to her sexy cowboy neighbor. But who could she really trust?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00