Surprised by Desire

Oh Yum

Jenna Michaels is now divorced and people think she needs a man again in her life. The thing is she is not ready for a guy but likes to fantasize about one of them. His name is Jason and he is one hot guy that gets her juices going. The problem is that he is much younger and the son of the man her mother is trying to set her up with. What will she do? One thing for sure is she needs to find a way to stop with these x-rated fantasies. Every time she does Jason does something to shock her. One is by kissing her senseless underneath a cave. The cave is dark and Jason blows her breath away. It’s all way beyond her wildest fantasies
Have you even been so surprised that you became speechless? Well for Jenna Michaels she is definitely speechless. The man of her fantasies is real and is definitely proving that he is serious for her. She knows she is older than him but something about his kisses makes her feel alive. Surprised by Desire is a great book to read but not my favorite from the Oh Yum series. For me it lacked the surprise.  It just seemed to blunt. The story line was good, but I expected more.

Book Blurb for Surprised by Desire

Jenna Michaels is back in town at her mother's bidding, trying to make it through another family vacation with the Nolans like they used to have. The neighbors are long-time friends and now that David Nolan is divorced, her mother and his are trying to make a match. But it isn't David who heats her blood, it's his son Jason, and passion catches her completely off guard. Little does she realize, one of the Nolan men has had Jenna in his sights for a long time…and he's ready to play.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50