Star of His Heart

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Star of His Heart

Ethan Chambers is an up and coming star with everything on his side. He’s gorgeous, sexy, smart and very single. Every woman wants him but he’s only about work. He knows that if he messes up or makes one mistake it is the end of his career. Landing a role in the TV soap opera, “Paging the Doctor”, is the biggest thing for Hollywood to take him seriously. Working on the set is great and a new experience for him but he never expected to meet Rachel Wellesley. She is everything in a woman he has searched for but never found. That is until now. Rachel is the make-up artist for the set and definitely a woman he must not get involve with especially in this job. Each day working with her though he is feeling a kinship in her he never experienced before in his life. Just when he thinks that their secret is safe all hell breaks loose including his heart. Can he convince Rachel that even a Hollywood star like him can really love someone like her?

Working on the set of “Paging the Doctor” as a make-up artist is something that Rachel Wellesley loves to do. Working with different actors and actresses lets her see a side everybody else doesn’t see. However one actor is making her see more than his side and that is the scrumptious Ethan Chambers. Meeting him for the first time she knows the chemistry is there between them. Each day with him on the set Rachel is noticing how they have so much in common from movies, ethics, and work to even the passion between them. She knows that if their secret is revealed it would be the end of his career. Yet she cannot walk away from him no matter how hard she tries…she falls more deeply for him every day. Can she walk away from the man she has been searching for all her life? The one man who really knows the real Rachel Wellesley and not the girl she pretends to be every day.

Star of His Heart is definitely a romance that any reader would love from its passion and comedy to the friendship these two have. I loved that Ethan Chambers is not your usual actor, but one who is human all the way. Brenda Jackson shows us a side of him no one has seen before. He is just a man just searching for love. Now Rachel is a woman who is strong and independent yet she is a woman wanting someone to love her for real. The passion that Brenda shows between them is strong. It’s so easy to see these characters together in every way. I can definitely say Star of His Heart is a great romance and I can’t wait for Brenda Jackson to create more men like Ethan Chambers.

Book Blurb for Star of His Heart

Logan Chambers loves being Hollywood's most elusive bachelor. Plus, the talented actor's just gotten a starring role on a hit TV show. But it's the show's sultry makeup and wardrobe artist, Rachel Wellesley, who's got him thinking twice about staying single...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00