Spells at Midnight

Tricks and Treats

Love doesn't come easy nowadays especially for the paranormal world. Renee is a witch, who yes knows magic, but wants someone to really love her for who she is. You see Renee has a scar on her cheek and because of the big battle that happened a couple years ago she feels nobody would love her with his whole heart. So now desperate she falls back to what she knows best magic. This is something she tried to avoid but with no other choice she calls to the gods and goddesses to help her in this matter. The thing is that once they grant her this wish it is someone she never expected, a satyr. Talk about rotten luck yet something about this satyr makes her all wet and for some reason wanted in a very good desirable way. Can she really fall for a satyr? This is something no witch has done before?

Zachary is a very horny satyr and has been with many women in his lifetime. For some reason someone played a joke on him removing him from nubile women to one lady who is affecting him in a way no other women has done. He is not sure exactly what game Renee is playing but he knows that he can't ignore his body's reaction towards her. As a satyr he is known for his sexual prowess yet Renee is the one who is passionate and somehow wears him out each time making him crave for her more. Can a witch and a satyr find love?

I have read Jenna Castille before and thought this one would be great like her other one, Magic of Three. Spells at Midnight started off good, witch looking for love and the passion in it. Towards the middle it just came to all of sex. I felt for Renee for trying so hard to find her true love. Now what really disappointed me was that one-minute they were together and then a whole year passes and he comes back. There was not much between that time that let us know what Renee did. How did she cope? What did Zachary do to make Renee his forever? It would have been better if we there were more storyline between these two than just sex. I understand it's a quickie but a little story line would have been great between these two. Overall a great storyline, but it would have been better longer. Being that is was short it just jumped too fast.

Book Blurb for Spells at Midnight

A witch seeking love, Renee isn't different from most women. She wants someone who can accept her for who she is. Unfortunately she isn't exactly human and there aren't many paranormal guys left. Tired of waiting for love, she casts a spell on Samhain to draw her soulmate.

A creature born from lust, Zachary is a satyr. He lives for sex — literally. So when Renee drags him into the mortal world all he wants is a night of kinky fun and games. He doesn't expect to find a mate chosen for him by the God and Goddess.

But they have one day to discover if theirs is a lust match — or a love match.

Also, Also part of the Tantalizing Treats Print anthology

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.00