Quinn Hurst is alone and afraid. She has been burned before by love and knows that if she opens her heart again it would just bring pain again. Her life now is not all candy and roses but to kill every Tulpa there is in the city. The Tulpas are soulless creatures that humans create out of thoughts. They care for no one and kill for blood whether adult or child. It is Quinn’s mission to make sure they never exist but she never counted on meeting a Tulpa slayer like Garen Snyder. Something about him and his extended family is making her wonder why she is choosing to be alone. Garen is showing her a life with passion and possibilities something she never imagined having again in her life. The more she’s with Garen it becomes dangerous she gets to have him in her life. The Tulpa demon wants her or all those she love will die. Quinn knows that if she caves in her life will be nothing but blood and torture. For the first time in her life though she is thinking of others before herself and it scares her. Can she protect Garen, Donald, Ruth, Tabitha and Tyson from the Tulpas and their death?

Garen Snyder has seen many things in his life. He has fought many evil things but none like the Tulpas. Bloodsucking creatures they are and persistent in getting their job done. He has no idea why they’re after Quinn personally but knows that for the first time in his life he feels alive. Something about Quinn is making him see they belong to one another but proving that to her is going to be hard work. His whole stepfamily agrees they belong together. They believe they are past lovers trying to make it back to each other. The Tulpa demon wants Quinn forever and he will be damned if he loses his woman again to the same demon. His family knows how to kill them but he is afraid of the pain it will bring to Quinn. Something about her is making him see that a life without her is like being killed over and over by the Tulpas. Can he protect Quinn before the demon takes her into hell forever?

Oh my god, I’m so excited that Robin Leigh Miller has a new book out and definitely one that rocked till the end. I loved Quinn for she was like a modern day G.I. Joe girl kicking butt everywhere yet not breaking a sweat. The Tulpas are deadly creatures that are thought of by humans yet resemble like vampires for they need blood to survive. Quinn is the only one who knows how to kill them but like every woman she needs help and boy is Garen definitely man enough to help. Now Garen man, talk about sexy and lethal. The scenes between them are passionate and flashbacks of their past are worth reading for you see all the pain Quinn has gone through. A man like Garen is hard to find and Robin did a great job in created one that is her equal. Loved the book and can’t wait for more by this talented author. I highly recommend this book and author. Robin rocks her novels with consistent passion, romance, action and suspense.

Book Blurb for Soulless

Alone and on the run from the law, Quinn Hurst does her best to fulfill her family’s legacy of slaying Tulpas—thought forms, soulless beings created by humans.

Her self-imposed exile is interrupted when she runs into a handsome Tulpa slayer who sparks a deep need she can’t deny. Sexy Garen Snyder makes her blood boil and her body ache for his touch. Discovering they shared a past-life love affair only fuels the fire that rages when they come together.

Fate is determined to separate them once again. A bloodthirsty demon wants Quinn for himself and will stop at nothing to possess her, but Garen already possesses her, body and soul, and will fight to save her. The demonic struggle is easy compared to the battle he must wage against Quinn’s past. Using his only weapons—his love and his body—Garen makes one last attempt to keep her forever.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 5.00