Something Worth Fighting For

Tisha Nichols is a woman who loves hair and making people happy. The thing is this one time she was being nice she got in trouble by a little girl no less. Cami is sweet and unfortunately has an uncle who is upset with her. Jonah is one white guy who is getting her turned on like no other guy has done before. Though she is not looking for a man right now something about being with Jona seems right. For a man who has no time for love it seems to have bitten him right in the keister. Each day with Cami and Jona she is feeling she finally belongs with someone. Can she keep her pretend family with hope of maybe making it for real someday?

Jona is a new father who just took custody of his best friend’s daughter. The death of his friend is still hurting him emotionally especially when there are people wanting to take little Cami away from him. The little girl is all he has left of a friendship and no one will take her away from him. So it comes as a surprise that little Cami has found a friend in Tisha Nichols. He has no time for a girlfriend but something about Tisha gets to him like no other woman. The more Cami spends time with Tisha the more his heart is getting in the way. That is something he has no time for right now. Can he find a way to have Tisha in his life without losing the best little girl that has come into his life?

Events sure have a way of interrupting a person’s life especially a cute little button of a girl like Cami. All Jona wants is to make sure Cami has a normal life. I loved that Lena created a little girl who just lost her own father but still is a normal little girl after so much grief. Lena did a beautiful job in showing the love Jona has for his little girl and blending Tisha into their new family. These three are such a great family together you can almost see it for real. Lena Matthews is not only a talented writer but also clever in the way she brings her characters to life without missing a beat. It’s a fast a fast paced read.

Book Blurb for Something Worth Fighting For

No good deed goes unpunished… And no one knows that better than Tisha Nichols, who, out of the kindness of her heart, agrees to style the hair of her nine-year-old neighbor Cami, so the little girl can look good for picture day. Unfortunately, Cami’s adoptive Uncle is far from grateful. In fact he’s down right livid…and far too attractive for Tisha’s peace of mind.
Love thy neighbor… Is easier said than done, especially when the neighbor in question is a sexy little spitfire who gives even better than she gets. Although Jonah is not the type to say he’s sorry, even he can admit when he’s wrong. But the ongoing fight to win custody of Cami has made him cautious and mistrustful of people, even those as desirable as Tisha.
What starts as a misunderstanding turns out to be one of the best things to ever happen to them. Unfortunately, not everyone is as thrilled, and Jonah and Tisha must decide if their newly formed family is something worth fighting for.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75