Smoldering Embers

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Smoldering Embers

She is a painter, a recluse and yet she is the most beautiful woman that Brice has ever seen. Serene Fremont was nothing like what he expected when he heard that a recluse would not sell their home. He imagined a recluse to be old, fragile and in need of money and definitely not independent like Serene. Yet the more he's with her Brice starts to feel for the first time like he is in love. He has never met a woman like Serene who one minute can make him mad then in a second make him want to protect her no matter what. Someone though wants Serene dead and won't stop at scaring her until she gone from her land. Can Brice protect Serene before it's too late? Can he make her see that their love is for real and that yes there is life outside of her little cabin?

Serene Fremont is not your typical heroine in this enchanting tale from Christine McKay. Christine painted Serene's words with emotion. Take for example Brice. Here is a man who won't take no for answer yet when she is near him she feels for the time as woman. Yes she is but no one in her life had ever told her she is beautiful or makes her heart beat faster. She knows he is up to something yet cannot see that she is really beautiful and that he really is interested in her. Just when she thinks she can have it all she finds out someone wants her dead. Can she stay alive to tell Brice that she feels the same way as he does? Who exactly wants her dead?

Love, deceit and murder come into play in this book. Smoldering Embers is hard to put it down. I loved that Brice is a man who never had to work to get a woman into him yet when it comes to Serene he gets all tongue-tied. Serene is wonderful in this book and won't just settle down with a man. She wants it all even if there are some doubts in the man himself. Together these two were great and I loved that Christine McKay included some great secondary characters from Serene's best friend to an evil villain who we thought was normal. Loved it and can't wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Smoldering Embers

Welcome to Widow, Wisconsin, small-town U.S.A. Brice escaped as soon as he graduated and never looked back. But when his mother becomes ill, he's forced to return. Luckily, or not, Brice's college roommate has a job lined up for him — to turn a piece of forested land into a playground for the rich. The problem? Part of the property belongs to reclusive artist Serene Fremont…and she's not willing to sell it. Brice is confident he can still do his job. No woman has ever been able to resist his charm. How difficult could it be to seduce Serene out of her property?

Neither Serene nor Brice are ready for the intense physical attraction between them. Brice doesn't believe in mixing business with pleasure. Serene is afraid of having her heart broken. And Brice isn't the only one interested in Serene. Someone is stalking her, hurting her pets and destroying her property. Can Brice protect someone who doesn't want to be protected?

And what happens when the seducer unwittingly becomes the seduced?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00