Sir Philip Ashton's Eyes

Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous

Have you ever met a man who with one look makes you do things you never thought of doing before? Well that is exactly what has happened to Lady Abigail Foxworth. For years she has had a season but always ending up with no betroths after the season ends. None of the men she has met have sparked her interests. Her aunt loves her but she is tired of her pushing insipid, dull men her way. As she is ready to succumb to life as spinsterhood she goes to a friend's house for a night of Mesmerism. Not your usual night but one that will change her whole life and her view at love.

Sir Phillip Ashton is not your usual man of the ton. Instead he is a man who loves science and forgets about many things for example how to dress and what is fashionable now. One thing for sure is he will not forget about Lady Abigail. Something about her is making him see that there is more to life than his science and stars. Can his night of Mesmerism make her succumb to his charms? Or is it her who is playing the Mesmerism towards him.

Wow as a reader who has read a couple historical romances this one had something new for me. Sahara Kelly introduces us to a woman, a young one at that who has not found the man she sees herself in life with. Though she has spent time with a couple of them none of them have enchanted her with a look like Sir Phillip Ashton. Something about him is making this shy innocent woman want to toss up her skirt without any questions.

I loved that Sahara Kelly created a man so absentminded that he wasn't sure what to do with Abigail. These two were so perfect for each other and the story was quick to read. Never did it falter and though it was from an anthology it is a great stand-alone book. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Sir Philip Ashton's Eyes

Regency beauty Abigail Foxworth is beset by suitors, yet none touch her heart. Until an evening of "Mesmerism" introduces her to Sir Philip Ashton and his extraordinary eyes. Falling under their spell, Abby willingly surrenders to her desires, and to Philip, but laying her past aside in order to face her future is another matter. Philip will have to bewitch more than her body to accomplish his goals. He'll have to mesmerize her heart. Publisher Note: This story was previously published in the Mesmerized anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00