Silent Witness

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Silent Witness

Faith McKenzie has been on the run. Someone wants her dead. It is someone who is obsessed with her and won't stop until they get her. She knows she must always run never feeling at peace or calling a place home. It comes as a surprise though that the place she has run to is also the place that brings JT Wyatt into her life. Faith has always tried to not form any relationship with neighbors or gorgeous sexy men like JT. She knows every time she thinks she's finally out ran the stalker that he will find her again. Faith is not sure who it is and only knows that this sick person keeps calling her Rachel. She knows who Rachel is but cannot remember what happened a year ago to her best friend. All she knows is that her past has something to do with this stalker. If only she could remember what happened?

JT Wyatt is a man who has known grief and pain. For years now he has been hiding from life at his home. He says he is just trying to finish remodeling but knows it is more than that. His sister tries to make him live again, but the death of his wife is too much. When he meets Faith for the first time he knows she is hiding something. Call it his police mind but this is a woman who is running from something. JT knows he should just leave her alone but something about her is making him come out of his recluse box. He says hiring her was just to make sure she is okay but one kiss from her and he wants more from Faith. JT knows that he will have to work hard to gain her trust but can he make her love him.

Talk about suspense all the way. Mary Eason did a beautiful job in this new suspense novel. I loved that you have Faith who is in a way a stranger to herself. She doesn't remember anything about her life but knows more about her best friend's life. Then you have JT and man talk about a knight in shining armor. Everything about him screams protector. These two are great for one another. The fact that Mary created a stalker who won't stop harassing Faith shows she has a devious mind to keep readers in suspense. One minute I thought he was near then she gives you a curve and you are like what. I loved Silent Witness and can't wait for more of Mary Eason's work.

Book Blurb for Silent Witness

Two years ago Faith McKenzie suffered a brutal attack that ended her best friend's life. Since then she has been trying to escape a past she can't remember. Her only connections are a man who claims to be her friend and a frightening voice on the telephone that sends her running for her life

When Security Specialist JT Wyatt hires Faith as his assistant he knows she is hiding something. JT assumes it is simply a bad relationship until Faith's past catches up with them both. Now JT must help Faith unravel the missing pieces of memory fast before it costs them both their lives

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00