Seducing Celestine

What do you do when a hot, gorgeous and very aroused man seduces you into a hot passionate round of sex when you spend a night at your friends room? Well duh you enjoy it. Celestine is shocked that a man like Nick Swan has succumbed her with a wild night of hot sex making her wonder how she could just have sex with a stranger. Although he tried to stop her she cannot help but wonder why she keeps thinking of him or having wild sexual dreams about Nick. He is everything she would have gone for if her life wasn't all messed up. Her roommate, a woman she thought was her friend robs her blind and then she has a fight with her sister. Then Nick shows her passionate nights, seductive kisses and oh yes multiple orgasms that make her wonder what exactly she was complaining about in life. She knows Nick is just a fling but one night of almost saying those three words has her scared. Can she really fall in love with her moonlight man?

All Nick Swan wanted was one moonlight night with Tess. He never expected her best friend; Celestine would be in her bed. That didn't stop him from taking her as she was yet he didn't expect to start having deep feelings for her. He always enjoyed his moonlight nights with Tess, yet Celestine is making him feel more than lust. He is a man who has wealth, works hard and yes has had his share of women but with Celestine she boggles his mind. One minute he worries about her and in another she makes him frustrated with lust and then the next she makes him feel loved. This is something that he finds hard to believe and that one touch of hers or kiss makes him feel like a young kid in love for the first time. At first it was seduction but now he's wondering if he can make it something more with Celestine.

Wow talk about hot, scorching and oh yes those moonlight nights with Nick are super hot. Just in the first chapter with him crawling through the window with seduction in mind was wow. Amarinda Jones not only brings Australia to life but her men are wow. Yes I use that word so much but it describes her work so easily. Hot men, women who complete them in every way and action in every chapter you read. Not that kind of action but one where you wonder who in the world would be shooting Celestine and why they want her car. The story and passion come to life with her words and this is one author you don't want to miss reading.

Book Blurb for Seducing Celestine

When the hot, sexy guy intimately caressing Celestine in her dreams turns out to be a real live man in her bed, is it moonlight madness or is she just one very lucky girl? Should she be offended this man just wants a moonlight ride with any available woman or let him take her as her heart's desire?

The woman in Nick's arms is different from any he has ever tasted before. Seducing Celestine into submission becomes one sexy challenge he cannot resist. But someone else wants Celestine and it has nothing to do with sex.

Can lust be love? Can she stay out of trouble long enough to find out?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00