Secrets of a Proper Lady

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Secrets of a Proper Lady

Last Man Standing, Book 3

Lady Cordelia is not your average woman. She is a young woman who does not care for a husband but wants adventure. She has traveled everywhere in the world but her freedom is coming to an end. Her father sees that she is old and no man would want her now that she is over the shelf. As a worried father he has arranged a marriage for her. This is something that is outrageous to her that her own father has done this. Not wanting to marry a stranger she comes up with a scheme of sorts: pretend to be someone else to learn more of her future husband. The problem is that instead of finding out about Daniel Sinclair, the future American husband of hers, she has fallen in love with his assistant. Or has she? All she knows is that Warren Lewis has brought up newfound feelings she has never encountered before in a man. This is confusing for her when he is supposed to be Daniel's best friend. Can she do the right thing and honor this arranged marriage?

American Daniel Sinclair is afraid of Lady Cordelia and yes of the whole marriage concept. He has seen what marriage and love has done to his friends. Besotted men they are attending to the whims of their women. It wasn't something he was looking forward. Yet with Sarah Palmer, Lady Cordelias companion, he starts to get fuzzy feelings in him about her. It started as a charade, pretend he is his best friend to find out more about Sarah Palmer and Lady Cordelia. However, he never expected for Sarah Palmer to come to mean so much to him. Is the green-eyed woman all she seems to be or is the joke on Daniel? Something about her and the whole marriage thing is making him wonder if all she has said about his betrothed is true. He knows it is not proper to seduce Sarah Palmer but something about her makes him wonder if he would ever meet Lady Cordelia. Or has he already?

I love historical romances and Victoria Alexander is one romance author who makes the books come to life. When I started reading the book I was in awe of how easily it was to imagine Lady Cordelia's frustration and anger towards her father. Here it is in the modern 1800's and her father has given her no choice but an arranged marriage. I loved that even though she has traveled everywhere, writing articles for other women, she is still afraid of scandals and yes wondering if she will ever find true love. Now Daniel, this guy was funny for even though you see him as someone you can't help but laugh at his own confusions sometimes. The whole book was intriguing; from wondering how far this charade will go to wondering if these two characters will both get what they truly want: true love. Great job and can't wait for more of Victoria Alexander.

Book Blurb for Secrets of a Proper Lady

Who will be the last man standing? New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander's delicious series about four men desperately trying to avoid matrimony continues... Lady Cordelia Bannister simply cannot marry a man she has not chosen herself, no matter what her father decrees. So, pretending to be her own companion, she decides to seek out information about her intended by meeting with his secretaryâ??a man who soon beguiles her. But Lady Cordelia doesn't know the truthâ??the man can't resist is really her intended, Daniel Sinclair. Daniel has nearly won the wager he made with three of London's most eligible bachelors. While two of his compatriots have surrendered to the shackles of marriage, he's remained free to woo any woman he chooses. Yet duty forces him to consider Lady Cordelia, so, determined to find a way to escape honor intact, he continues the masquerade he started. Each finds the other completely irresistible, but when they uncover their mutual mistaken identities, Daniel and Cordelia must make the most important choice of all...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.75