Sealed with a Kiss

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Sealed with a Kiss

It has been years since Molly Gifford last saw Daniel Hunter. She knew it was a coward's way to leave without telling him bye but she needed to go. Molly has finally found her real father and will do anything she can to keep him. The only obstacle is that she must convince Daniel, a hotshot attorney, to help her in his case. She knows it won't be easy but seeing him again brings out all the feelings she thought were hidden deep in her heart. Years apart didn't stop the fire between them but can Molly just pick up where they left off to start a relationship? All she knows is that her father being arrested for murder is the most ludicrous thing to happen. Never knowing who her father was she will do anything she can to not let the law separate her from her new family.

Daniel Hunter and Molly Gifford are like two peas in a pod. Years ago he thought he knew everything about her. They were close friends and he would have done anything for her. Daniel never knew exactly why she left him or declined his proposal. He knew she was the woman for him but something always pulled her away. Seeing her again was like kicking the air out of his body. Not only was she all woman but she was still beautiful as hell. Daniel knows that family was important for her and she was loyal to them. By helping her he knows that maybe in someway she would feel the same way he feels for her. The years apart might have made him bitter somewhat towards love but Molly sure knows how to get to his heart. Can he help her and just walk away without his heart getting in the way?

Okay, Sealed with a Kiss was hot. It is part of a series and though it can be read alone you can also read the first, Cross My Heart. Molly is a strong woman who wants one thing: to be accepted for who she is. For years she had been looking for her real father and now that she has found him she is afraid of losing him forever for a murder. She knows he didn't kill but needs someone with experience and smarts like Daniel to help her. She knows by bringing in Daniel it will bring back all the old feelings she had for him. The thing is she never expected it to hit her hard.

I loved these two characters, but liked Daniel more in this book. Though he was hurt I fell for this guy for he is one strong man yet has so many emotions locked inside him. Molly in a way completes him in every way. Carly Phillips did a beautiful job in creating a strong woman to meet Daniel in every way that makes him all man.

Book Blurb for Sealed with a Kiss

On the outside, Molly Gifford has it all—a hot legal career and Daniel Hunter, her equally hot boyfriend. But what she really wants is a family. So when she discovers her real father, she doesn't hesitate to pack her bags. Even though it means leaving her old life behind—A year later Daniel Hunter's still trying to get on with his life. Then Molly shows up at his door, begging for help. Her newfound father is under arrest for murder, and she's convinced Hunter is the only attorney with the skill and reputation to get him off. Hunter can't resist helping an innocent man. But this time he'll be the one walking away— even if it breaks both their hearts to do it.—

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.75